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    How I Fixed A Fridge

    Someone had a fridge/freezer not working well. The freezer worked great, the fridge had issues. After listening to what they had to say I figured it must be froze up. I said that either the flapper that lets cold air in the fridge was blocked by ice or the defrost hose was. Told them to...
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    Things Young Kids Can Cook On The Outdoor Grill

    This is about as off topic from home brewing as I have gotten. Trying to find foods young kids can cook on an outdoor grill. My experience has always been they play while the designated adult cooks. We are trying to come up with ideas that a kid 9 to 11 years old could or would cook in the...
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    March Madness

    Ok so I have you going and I bet you think this is about our fool game of basketball in the USA. No, I was wondering if any of you are brewing a lawn mower beer now that fall is fast approaching on you? I have read inquiries about wheat beers, and while I feel every beer style is in season, I...
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    How Fast Have You Carbed A Keg?

    Put a wheat beer in the keg and pushed the CO2 up inverted the keg and rocked it for 3 or 4 minutes. Put it in the fridge and was drinking it in a day and a half. So how fast have you force carbed a keg?
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    Hop Tea Vs Dry Hopping

    My Wife brewed an American Black IPA for our club competition. It did not do well as a black as it was judged against the other odd beers including smoked beers. As an IPA it may have not done any better. We were short of time and instead of adding dry hops we elected to try a hop tea. We...
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    How Much Wort Do Hops Trap

    The wife likes hoppy IPAs so helped her with a brew for a competition. Totally forgot to allow for the wort trapped by 255 grams of hops. With a normal brew the wort trapped by the hops is accounted for by my program as what is left in the kettle. This time my error made for less wort in the...
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    Champagne Bottle Party Keg

    I have one of those big champagne bottles like the winner uses to spray all over everyone at the end of a race. Thought it would make a great vessel for a party keg. Sure it is glass and may break if not handled properly. It is stout enough for champagne so should work great as a party keg...
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    Why I Biab!

    Well just bringing my 100% malted wheat beer up to the boil. Used PistolPatchs water sheet and had to use the 3.78 liters per gallon on the results to make it work for me. Dang if it did not work out so far. Only problem now is I have to boil longer because I added a bit more water thinking...
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    Ingredient Db?

    I have seen posts discussing hops and other brewing ingredients. Are they put someplace we can find them or just mixed in with every other topic? I did look around and did not find them in the places I looked.
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    100% Malted Wheat Beer What Hops?

    Our brew club is having a SMASH competition and I doubt any of them are looking here so I ask. I have got the wild idea of brewing with malted wheat for a SMASH (single malt and single hop) beer. I just can not put my brain onto a hop to use. I was hopping to get Saaz B or Motueka as it is...
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    Brewing With Maris Otter

    I have used Maris Otter twice and have not been pleased with the results. The first was a dumper and the second is a beer that can be forced down but is not pleasing. The recipes are basically an ordinary bitter with Maris Otter and Fuggles. The first I did no water treatment and it was the...
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    Calcium Carbonate In Water

    Calcium Carbonate in water adding it to water that will be carbonated OK all you science types I have a question. I know that Calcium Carbonate will not dissolve in tap water, or at least not enough. I have been adding it to my soda water and the boiled water is just cloudy and if I leave...
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    Kegging Water For Sodas

    Hope this is the right place, as I see no better place to ask. I have tried searching Google but have not found the answer. I am sure it is here someplace. I am trying to keg up some water for a party so we can make sodas with the Italian syrups. I have a few questions. First does anyone...
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    What I Learned In A Recent Class

    Our brew club just had a tasting class or rather a class on off flavors. A local large craft brewer quality control sensory analysis science guy put on the class. The only thing I learned in the class is I am not destined to be a beer judge as the samples were not all that detectable to me...
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    Squiggly Words As Used By Craigs List

    Anyone hear about the computer guru that came up the squiggly words used by sites like Craigs List to make sure the post is from a person and not computer generated spam. One word is known and the other one is from one of his projects. He is working on digitizing all written text. The problem...
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    When Does A Wit Become Something Else?

    I did one brew with Raw Wheat and have a few more planned to use up a sack of wheat my wife does not want to use for flour. So if a brewer does not make a traditional Belgian Witbier what is it? Like if I use English ale yeast and NZ hops (maybe even some dry hops) with no spices but it still...
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    Brewing With Popcorn

    Just got a good deal on a big bag of popcorn and got to thinking if popcorn could be used for brewing. Did a quick search on that search site and did not come up with anything. Anyone ever used it? I am sure it would be hard to crush so was thinking maybe an air popper? I know most beer is...
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    Biab American Competition Results

    Just wanted to post a 3rd place result in an AHA/BJCP competition with BIAB. For those that do not know AHA is American Homebrewers Association. My wife entered in category 14B the American IPA category (I hate the stuff so she entered it). It was one of the bigger categories in the...
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    Wild Beer From Culturing Yeast Off Malt?

    Just got a crazy idea. Anyone ever try a wild beer by making a starter out of malt? I keep reading that people think the beginning of beer was some brave soul that drank the water running off a bag of old grain. I also read that malt dust is full of live stuff. It would not take much to get...
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    Yet Another Brewing Software Question.

    Well I have looked at ProMash and it did not get me excited. Tried BeerSmith and generally like it except for its quirks. Tried BeerTools Pro and it will not run on my old Win98 desktop and my old notebook will not run at 1024 X 768. Now I am looking at Suds for excel and StrangeBrew. Do...