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    Queensland Breweries: Which ones are the best to visit?

    Hi All: A mate is heading to Queensland tomorrow and wants to know which are the best breweries worth visiting. Any suggestions appreciated. R
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    Equipment to Use for Pressing Apples

    Hi: I have 6 fermentors full of apples for making cider and scrumpy that are arriving over the weekend from a friend's farm. Is there anyone who has a press or other gear needed to press them? I am happy to share in the juice and will take responsibility to clean all gear. If you can help out...
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    Free Tickets to Ballarat Beer Festival this Weekend (X2)

    Hi: I have two tickets for this weekend's Ballarat beer festival. As I cannot make it there, they are up for grabs. Free to a good home. Pickup from Bentleigh (or Yarraville area later today). message me at 0430516576 to claim. Regards, G
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    WTB (or Freebie) -- Tap King Growlers

    If anyone has Tap King Growlers, I am looking for some.....free if possible....or a few bucks. I like the free option more though. Happy to trade for some grain, a Tap King dispenser or two, some beers, Cactus Mead or a hug and a kiss......depending on how good looking you are...and female...
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    Yet Another Aus wide Bulk buy Grain mill- Malt Muncher (third time lu

    Hello All: We are the few that have missed out on this lovely bit of equipment. Saw it today and very happy with the quality and finish. So.......let us get to work. Cost depends on numbers ordered. Will get stated prices as the closing time arrives: 1. Golani51 (Me)
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    Split of DME around Caulfield

    I am going out to but some LME and was wondering if anyone wanted to split a bag. I will grab a 4 or 5kg bag which is around $40. I don't use much but throught someone might want to save a few bucks. SMS me on 0430516576 by 4pm if you are interested. Happy to drop off around Elsternwick...
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    Stc1000- 12v Vs 220v Model

    Hello all: Is there any performance issues in getting the 12V over the 220V model? Any other reason to get one over the other? Thanks, G
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    What Hops To Buy From Nz For Ipa'ish Beers?

    A friend is headed to New Zealand soon and can bring me back some goodies, namely whole hops. Considering the price that Practicalfool paid for a kg of whole hops for, I'll probably grab two. What can you guys recommend? I am an IIPA sort of guy.
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    Cheap Elements

    Found these elements today. Thought the prices were excellent, but could be wrong. They have other types too: http://www.sparkydirect.com.au/p/948215/ho...---hwcs-36.html Hotwater Element Copper 1800W - HWCS-18$58.00$24.89More Details...Hotwater Element Copper 2400W - HWCS-24$58.00$25.99More...
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    Tactical Nuclear Penguin Tasting Night At Antique Bar

    Found a flyer at the Antique Bar in Glenhuntly Road Elsternwick. $15 members/$18 non- members for a 60mL snifter 8PM Weds 25th July 6PM Sun 29th July They claim it to be the strongest beer in the world but I am sure we know that Sink the Bismark is another 20% above it. Nevertheless, I am...
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    Bulk Buy- Grain Mill

    Hi all: I am looking at purchasing a monster mill most likely this coming week. Is anyone interested in purchasing one as well to cut down on shipping costs? R
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    Rice Hulls Bulk Buy- Melbourne

    Hi All: I have come across a supplier who has rice hulls for rediculously low prices. Price I received from the guy selling on is $4 per bag, or three bags for $10. I understand that each bag weighs at least 4.5kg. I checked with the producer and was told it is entirely suitable for human...
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    Snow Chains For Loan Anyone?

    Hi all: Traveling to snow tomorrow. Hoping to find brewery or funky beer on the way (now brew related!). Does anyone have some snow chains that I can borrow for the day? Preferably someone between Melbourne CBD and Lake Mountain. Thanks in advance, Reuven
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    How Can We Make Belgian Candy

    Belgian Candy is blooming expensive. How can we do it ourselves cheaper? What is so special about it?
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    Can Anyone Help Me Mill 6kg Grain This Evening?

    Hi: I need to get a batch down urgently and was hoping someone around Caulfield (within reason) could run it through a mill this evening (6kg). In exchange, I can bring around some beers (I just got some Billy Goat and Dirty Angel last night from the Flying Horse micro) and a lovable...
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    Bulk Hops From Hopsdirect

    Is anyone interested in getting hops from the US? Melbourne- based swap.
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    Tassie Trip Next Week- Need Beer Venue Advice

    Hello All: I'll be heading to Tassie next week from Tuesday eve until Sat. Night with a mate. Looking at doing fly fishing and beer drinking, or drinking whilst fly fishing. Can someone suggest any/all the worthwhile breweries and pubs anywhere in Tassie? It will also be a pleasure to meet up...
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    Who Still Sells Homebrew Equipment?

    With Coles and some other biggies stopping to sell brewing equipment, who is still selling at this point? Target? Kmart? R
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    Clone For Little Creatures Single Batch Oatmeal Stout

    I have been stashing this one away for a while and decided tonight was the night to pop it open. It is delicious. Has anyone cope across a clone or something similar? How delicious!