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    Brew Stands

    Hi All , I was trawling the web for ideas on brew stands and came across the original builder of the Brutus 10 . His name is Lonnie Mac and by accident I found his other site Link www.alenuts.com/ I was wondering if anyone has tried his method of using HLT/BK in conjuction with the Mash Tun ...
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    Free Stubbies

    Hi All ; Just cleaning out all my stubbies . I don't know how many but there is enough for a couple of 23lt batches . They range from the VB twist top 330 ml , Crownies , CUB twist top stubbies and I also have some green glass as well . They will be gone in the next recycle waste if nobody...
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    Galaxy Ale

    Hi all ; Just formulated this recipe using Galaxy hops . I do like a good hoppy beer but have read a bit of contriversy over this hop . Too much can give a metallic flavour . If used right will give a great fruity flavour . Does the hop regime look right not too over the top ? Galaxy...
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    Thermo Couple

    Hi All ; I just received my pid and thermo couple . The size of the nut is very small and I am having problems sourcing a male 13mm to a female 5mm reducer nut . Any suggestions would be a great help . Cheers Leachim