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    Keezer / Chest Freezer - Newcastle

    Commercial Chest Freezer - $180 Has been used as a Keezer and kept at 2deg. Has built in temp controller. Holds 6 20L Kegs. - No compresser hump Wooden collar can be removed to use as a normal freezer. Includes baskets, glass lids and drainage plug. 860Wx580Dx 1100H i With Collar 880H...
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    Brew Day Stuff Ups

    Hey Guys, Did my first partial / Extract on the weekend and it was the worst brew day yet. Let me know how badly you think I stuffed it all up: I did 2 batches so lets start with the first: Centennial Ale 21Ltrs 2.6kg DME Light 500g Dextrose (10% wheat) 20g Centennial @ 30 min 40g Amarillo...