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    Dead Yeast, Maybe Infection?

    I put down 2 X 3kg esb larger kits with the supplied dcl yeast. I re-hydrated the yeast as per instructions on dcl site. It has been in the fermenting fridge for about 2 weeks @ 13-15 deg. I just checked it this morning and it's reading 1040. OH CRAP!!! I have just added some extra yeast, but I...
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    2278 Czech Pils Yeast

    Has anyone tried this strain, 2278 Czech Pils Yeast. I just did a batch with this yeast and it is realy nice. 2278 Czech Pils Yeast. Classic pilsner strain from the home of pilsners for a dry, but malty finish. The perfect choice for pilsners and all malt beers. Sulfur produced during...
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    New Cascade Kits

    I just got the new cascade larger kit. Has anyone else tried these? Just a few things I noticed. -no used by date -no details about the yeast (must be an ale yeast then) -there web site doesn?t exist (www.cascadehomebrew.com.au) as listed on can what's the deal?
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    Freezing Liquid Yeast With Glycerine

    Hi Guys, Has anyone tried freezing 1st generation liquid yeast. I am abouut to give it a go. Aparently if you freeze with glycerin you won't rupture the cell walls and it will store up to 2 years. If someone has had experience with this method I would love to hear...
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    Loose Fermentor Taps

    Hi Guys, When I bought a cube for racking, the guy drilled a hole for the tap and I think he must of removed some of the thread. Because when I put the tap on, I can?t seem to tighten it up fully, and when I try to open the tap it starts to unscrew instead of turning off or on. I have tried...