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  1. J

    Strange "break" Material In Fermenter

    this is the way I chill mine and it works a treat :)
  2. J

    Banana Toffee Wine

    bit of a bump, but any feedback on how this bad boy turned out?
  3. J

    Very Small Batch Hop Taste Testing

    A single boil would be a simpler approach. In which case I could chill as I normally do (kettle in a sink of cold water and change the water a few times) then add the hops as a hop tea into the fermenters using the same weight of hops in each batch?
  4. J

    Very Small Batch Hop Taste Testing

    I've been all-grain brewing for about a year now with relative success, but the thing I don't really have is a proper understanding of the hop flavourings and which ones I like and which I don't. I use the brew in a bag technique, and only do 10 - 13 litre batches on account of not having a big...
  5. J

    Funny Web Sites ......

    www.memebase.com is a good one if you're into "geek" humour. Other similar sites are www.lamebook.com and www.verydemotivational.com I waste too much time on many of the "cheezburger network" sites. also a +1 for The Chive - mostly work safe awesome photoblog type site.
  6. J

    First Biab

    @Strutter... any general feedback on the crab boiler? I've done a few stovetops using the 19l BigW pot and it's awesome for 10-12l batches but maxi is too much like hard work to be enjoyable. Would be interested to pick one of those bad boys up if you reckon it's worth the trip to ray's...
  7. J

    Nice Weather For..... Stout?!

    Drew... got in too late so I've made a note to try your recipe next :) went with Stu's Pillar of Stout recipe using nottingham yeast in the end. Went the cheaper option and used hops I had left over and adjusted quantities for the different alpha settings to give me the relevant IBUs. 50g...
  8. J

    Nice Weather For..... Stout?!

    not a bad suggestion. I don't have PoR hops but I do have some cascade and EKG to use (amongst others). might grab some 1728 if I can but can always use the US05 I already have or nottingham as per the recipe. Reckon this one's a goer... don't think I can see a reason not to knock one over this...
  9. J

    Getting Back Into Brewing, A Few Questions...

    I recently bought a bottle tree and I reckon they're definitely well worth it! actually, I got an email from brewcraft (no affiliation or anything like that) stating they're on special at the moment (at least, in adelaide anyway). $29 rings a bell?
  10. J

    Nice Weather For..... Stout?!

    aaah winter. gives me an excuse to drink all the things that it's too hot in summer for. Also lets us brew lagers without having to worry as much about temperature and it being too hot. I've read in lots of places that winter is lager brewing weather and stout drinking weather. Summer's for...
  11. J

    Ever Had The Bottom Of A Fermenter Drop Out?

    mate you REALLY need a bench capper. When I first got into brewing someone explained how a hand capper worked and I thought "FK THAT!". glad I decided to go straight to the bench capper! I've never had any damage to a fermenter or bottles during the brewing process. But I have worried about...
  12. J

    Now The Fun Begins!

    it's basically a way to compare how much awesome you actually get out of your grain versus how much awesome you should ideally be able to get out. if your grain bill is 4kg of grain with a total potential of ten awesomes, and you measure at the end that you've got eight awesomes, your efficiency...
  13. J


    did similar myself at the weekend, although specifically went in for a mead yeast of some description. SN9 was what was recommended so its what I got. Did note that the manufacturers suggest it is good in terms of flocculating and dropping, and also ferments quick, and is happy down to around...
  14. J

    Jao The Ultimate Beginners Mead Recipe

    absolutely not... but by that point her and her team were well away so didn't care too much for the results :)
  15. J

    Jao The Ultimate Beginners Mead Recipe

    would be worth mentioning that SWMBO took a small bottle to a work quiz night and everyone loved it! so much so that I'm kicking myself for not making more.. to rectify the situation I put down another batch at the weekend!
  16. J

    All Grain Fermenting

    another trick is when you put the wort into the fermenter and pitch the yeast, set the fermenter resting on something like a book or similar under the side where the tap and outlet are, so that it's on an angle and the base of the fermenter slopes away from the tap. that way when everything...
  17. J

    Homemade Jerky

    I did a few batches in the oven and then I bought a sunbeam dehydrator from Myer (only place in adelaide that seemed to stock them), which cost me about $80 or $90? I marinate overnight, usually a concoction of: onion powder, garlic powder, worcester sauce, soy sauce, water, and liquid smoke...
  18. J

    Jao The Ultimate Beginners Mead Recipe

    been hanging out for this to be ready! The differences between what I did and the actual recipe on the first page: I used half the amount of orange but in smaller slices. It seemed that the pith supplied the bitterness and the thread suggested it was all about the surface area of pith that was...
  19. J

    Not A Dark Beer Fan

    if it's any consolation, I DO like dark beers and a few weeks ago tried the Coopers Extra Stout (yellow label) and couldn't drink it. it was bloody awful. I love guinness and used to drink a fair few stouts back in the UK... mainly Mackeson's and Beamish. Was partial to a Tennents Sweet stout as...
  20. J

    9litre Brew

    +1 to what Goomba said. I think he's been sneaking into my head too. I'm playing around with 10 litre batches at the mo to find a couple of beers I really like, then I'll get stuck in to doing some larger batches. the big plus point with small batches for me at the moment is that I can play...