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    Happy IPA Day

    I almost forgot and so only just grabbed a few SN Torpedos on the way Home. Hope everyone has a good one! :beer:
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    Adding yeast to a bottle advice

    Hi there. I was kindly given a load of Belgian Yeast right from the tank at a local brewpub. I doubt I will be able to make a 5ltr starter that it now requires but I am bottling a big IPA today (7%) and was wondering if I added some to the bottle of a few would it do anything or just be a waste...
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    Belgian-American Stout?

    The local BrewPub is very generous to Homebrewers and give away the yeast on a Friday arvo after they have made a batch. They have Wyeast 1388 (Duvel) and 3787 (Westmalle) blended this week as they are doing a barrel aged series called the "Waikato Belgian Project" where they will barrel age...
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    Next purchase?

    Hi all, I have just turned another year older and have a baby on the way so wont be able to spend as much cash on the equipment side of things. I have scored a 45 ltr chilly bin off the olds and have some vouchers to spend. I already have one 30 litre fermenter and a sweet burner and the usual...
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    Fridge Freezer Conversion

    Hi all, I have a Fridge Freezer I have been using as a fermentation chamber (stc styles) since picking it up on the cheep due to the Freezer not working. This is a fridge up top and Freezer down the bottom type set up. How does one know if they can cut through the middle and turn it into a...
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    American Barleywine Help

    Hi all, Still fairly new at the AG game but it seems to be coming along nicely. I am a fan of Stone Brewing and mainly the Black IPA of Sublimely Self Righteous Strong Ale. I am wanting to dial this up a bit and make a BW version. I have read a fair bit about barleywines lately and am keen...
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    Online Beer Store Expanding To Oz

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place to link this but an NZ online beer store is up and running for testing to sell fine beers in OZ. It is open for business for the next few days before proper launch in Jan I believe. http://www.beercellar.com.au/ if this is the wrong place to put...
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    Grain Taste

    Hi all, I made a smash with GP, Centennial, US05. Was meant to be 18.5 ltrs but I may have over boiled the wort so it came out at only 15 ltrs and was way stronger (would have been 6.5% instead of the 4.5% target ABV) so watered down and added yeast. It dropped from 1.050 to 1.010 and so all...
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    Which Us Brewery?

    Hi all, I am going to LA in March next year with the wife. She is jamming in all the usuals over there for activities. I was quite keen to do a brewery tour. I am wondering between a trip to Ballast Point or to Stone Brewing? Has anyone been on tours to either? What was the better if you have...
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    Wheat Or Blonde?

    Hi there, I am still a fairly new beginner in terms of the AG game but with Nationals coming up shortly I am keen to get some feedback from some high up judges (eg Kelly Ryan formerly of Epic fame). Now I have been jumping the gun and making some over complicated recipes rather than going for...
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    Red Ipas

    Hi all, I am keen on finding an appropriate malt bill for Red IPAs. I have had a few lately and my Favourite (so far) is the Double D RIPA from Croucher in Rotorua. I have seen plenty of Irish Red malt bills out there but would love to get help on Malts as some suggest two shades Crystal with...
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    Getting Stouty With It.

    Good evening all, happy day one fellow dry julyers and all that. I have put down an oatmeal stout (first time stout maker) and have temp control at last. My question that I come to you with tonight is: I have my stout fermenting away at 18 deg c. I just want to know at the end of fermentation...
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    Dry July

    Hi all, I hope this is the right place for the topic. I am drying off for a month and found this also coincides with Dry July. I have registered for the event and as of the first will not put a glass of alcohol to my lips for the whole month. The best part is there is a bloody good cause to...
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    Hop Storage Length

    Hi all, I have amassed quite the haul of hops since picking up the hobby around sept last year I believe. I haven't brewed as much as hoped (spent mucho di niro on buying up hardware to get into AG) and so some of these hops have been left unopened and unused of course to this very date. I am...
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    Super Sweet

    So I made a partial and used two cans Blackrock Extract 400g wheat 300 caramalt and 200g carapils. I am guessing I screwed the pooch on this one and it wont settle down in sweetness? Mashed at 67 and fermented at 22 odd deg mostly. Odd night dropped to 14 but fixed that with electric blanket...
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    Fermenting Too Warm

    Hi all, Put down 15 litres of a US IPA yesterday arvo and pitched at 24 (as we have had pretty cold nights of late) I thought it would drop down to 20 overnight. Instead I woke up this morning and it was sitting at 26 degC. I know the early parts of fermentation are most important. I am cooling...
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    My First Partial- Epic Pale Ale With A Twist.

    Hey all I am looking to enter a local competition under BJCP style guidelines and it is USIPA beers. We have our seasons worth of US Hops and I picked up some Cascade and Zythos. I also had a failed other brew when I tried grain and so held onto some Riwaka from that that I had intended to DH...
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    Commercial Brewers You Have Met

    Who have you guys met and learned awesome stuff from? I met Former Epic Brewer Kelly Ryan, as he has moved to my part of NZ, and he had some good stuff to say for beer fans and HBer's alike at any level. He had some great info that was a bit above me on Sanitisation. I think anyone on Starsan...
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    Recipe Help For Extract

    1 x Macs Pale Kit 25g Cystal 30 25g Cystal 90 50g Pale Chocolate 50g Chocolate 16g NZ Cascade at FO Just looking to take out the "Pale kit" and make this recipe with Light Extract but not too sure as to what other grains I will need to make up what will be missing from the kit... Any sort of...
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    Stuck Gravity

    So I have my first BIAB in the fermenter. Was done a week exactly this Friday just gone. It started off at 1.054 and it reached 1.040 (or the orange line) and I am meant to be waiting for it to hit 1.020 to start dry hopping however when I told people that after one week it had only dropped that...