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    Wa Water Analysis

    Hi all, I just received the attached water analysis from the Water Corp for the Mount Yokine source which covers my area (Bayswater) and numerous other northern suburbs - and thought it might be of some use to those around here. It appears to be an average over a couple of years, so it must...
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    Spesh On The Radio - Perth

    I believe there will be an interview with Spesh on 720am radio after 10:30ish am this morning - following his successful showing at the RAS Comp.
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    Little Creatures

    edit: Randyrob beat me too it (here)
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    The Times Articles

    Some interesting (if not earth shattering) reading here... http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_...res/love_lager/
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    Jaycar Fridge Controller

    I know there are heaps of forum thread about fridge controllers, and I'm sorry if this is a repeat but... I came across this controller in the Jaycar catalogue today : http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?I...=&SUBCATID= It's a lot cheaper than what I paid for my controllers a few years ago.
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    Brewing On The Radio (perth)

    I've done this before and regretted it but.... On ABC Local Radio Perth this arvo they are saying that they talking about making beer. Not sure what time, but it will be soon by the sounds of it (3:40 current time). I've got no idea who it is, or what its about - so the obvious disclaimer must...
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    Perth Drinks

    A few Perth AHB members will be gathering at Little Creatures tomorrow at 2:00pm for a quiet few drinks. If you are interested, please to come along. The intent is to slowly head to Clancy's via the Sail & Anchor afterwards for a few more and possibly even a meal if the mood takes us. But these...
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    Mad Monk - Fremantle

    This could be interesting: http://www.acnnewswire.net/press/en/33480/...-Relations.html It looks like it could be a while before we get to try it though
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    Perth Drinks

    How about a Saturday (21st Oct) get together in Freo to celebrate the return of the prodigal brewer; Kook, its October, spring is in the air and, well... there's beer in Freo. I guess we could meet at LCs say 12:30-1:00 and slowly move to Clancy's via the Sail - or any variation on that theme...
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    Yakima Valley Hops On Fire !

    This won't help imported hop prices... http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/10/03/hops.fire.ap/index.html
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    Craftbrewer Logo In Firefox

    There seems to be an issue with the position of the Craftbrewer Logo/link when viewed in Firefox.... or is it deliberate ?
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    Suspect Wyeast

    I bought a cheaper Wyeast (2308) a month or so ago which was dated 05April05. The pack is now slightly swollen but the yeast sachet inside is still intact - though it is swollen also. I'm concerned that there may be some nasties in the nutrient pack and if I use it I'll be asking for trouble...
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    Honey Types

    Due to general Bruhuas incompetencies on the weekend, I need to increase the gravity of a brew and I've been thinking that honey might be a good (interesting) way of doing it. My question is; is normal supermarket (Wescobe in WA) type honey OK? I read somewhere (might ahve been John Palmer)...
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    Perth - Importer International Beer Festival

    For the Perth chaps, this could be a good day too - its an extract from the International Beer Shop Newsletter this week: Speaking of Beer Festivals, why not come along to the 1st Independent Importer International Beer Festival to be held on Sunday the 30th Oct at the Leederville Hotel from...
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    Login Issues

    Over the last couple of days I've been experiencing some odd login-in issues that look like the attached image (if I can get the bloody thing to work!) - am I alone in this ? It has happened on 3 different PCs now
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    Golden Syrup

    I'm planning on doing a big(ish) Old Ale on the weekend - something like an Old Peculier. For this brew I was going to use 250g of Golden Syrup and about the same of dark brown sugar, but I can't find anywhere the potential extract from Golden Syrup. Does anyone have a number I can punch into...
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    Perth Brewday

    As has been generously suggested a few times by members - its well past due to have my turn to host a brewday. Im thinking May 21 at this stage but that is pretty flexible. The usual format would apply; mash-in late morning, beer, barby when the gas bottle for the HLT is no longer needed for...
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    Finings In Secondary

    I racked a brew to a secondary yesterday in which I forgotten to put fining in the boil and judging by how it looked, I will need to do something. :( What is the standard method of doing this; do I just get the recommended boil dose, mix it in boiled water and pour it in? TIA
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    Beer On The Radio: Perth

    For Perth members: After 7:00am this morning there will be an interview with the chap who is running the International Beer Competition talking 'boutique' breweries etc. It will be on ABC 720am <<Dislcaimer>> This type of interviews always seem to turn out pretty lame to me, so no...
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    Beer Line Lubricant

    I use a few ( http://www.morebeer.com/product.html?product_id=17379 ) quick disconnects I got from morebeer a while back - which are great, but they are getting a bit stiff to push on. Is there a beer/food grade lubricant that is commonly used for this sort of application ? Its only the O ring...