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    Pilsner Urquell Clone

    I made this one in a 200L batch with my brew club. I had to convert it to metric but it should be the same. Ive included an all-grain and extract: All-Grain 4.5kg Moravian barley or 3.5kg Extra Light Liquid Extract 200g Carapils 200g 20L Crystal Hops 25g Northern Brewer - First wort 18g...
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    10 Most Important Things To Make Better Beer!

    1. Taking Notes You will be suprised by how many people dont take notes. The best brewers I know do though. They write down absolutley everything they do, addition times, temperatures, volumes etc. This makes sure that if there is something particularly wrong/ right with the beer then can...
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    Just a little introduction...New to the forum....Im writing from about 15000 miles away here in gods country, Minnesota, USA. Im a National beer judge with the BJCP program and have been brewing for about 4 years. Just found this your guys site and thought that I would see if I can answer...