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    Mt Warning Pale Ale ?

    Over the weekend I stumbled on a beer at SaltBar in Kingscliff. Its called Mt Warning Pale Ale and is brewed by Salt Village brewery ?... Well any way I haven't been able to find anymore about this beer except that it tasted great! Full on pine cone hops flavour and aroma. Perhaps I need...
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    My S&w Pacific Ale Clone

    Just finished bottling 18Liters of Stone and Wood Pacific Ale recipe by Snow. Well my version of it reads :- Grain Bill ---------------- 2.300 kg Pilsner (58.97%) 1.500 kg Wheat Malt (38.46%)...
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    Lupuli Strobulus - Just Hops

    Hi Guys I've got these bags of what looks like generic hops for herbal hop tea. My wife found these in Poland at a health food shop. I'm wondering these may only be good for flavour and aroma as there is nothing on the packages that indicate AA%...
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    Southport Kmart Coopers Diy Kits $55

    Hey all, Yesterday I popped into the Kmart here in Gold Coast Southport and the Coopers DIY kits are at $55. not sure if this covers other QLD stores/nationwide. Beats the $80 normally.
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    Is There An Easy Way In Brewmate ...

    Hey All I'm planning a partial brew (23L)with BIAB and the coopers Canadian Blonde kit. Is there an easy way in Brew Mate to calculate OG but for a partial recipe using the coopers kits and grains ?? This is the brewmate recipe but without adding any extracts-tins (or kits). Recipe...
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    Second Stove Biab - B*lls Up (alittle Bit)

    Well I bagged up the grains on sunday for my second BIAB and using Dr S's Original Golden Ale recipe I got total 4kgs of 2.250 kg Pilsner (56.25%) 0.750 kg Munich I (18.75%) 0.750 kg Wheat Malt (18.75%) 0.250 kg Caramunich I (6.25%) 20.0 g Amarillo Pellet (8.2% Alpha) @ 60 Minutes (Boil)...
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    First 30 Buck Biab

    Hey all I've been sniffing around these forums for sometime and on Sunday did my first AG BIAB following NickJD's 30$ AG method. For the last year or so I've attempted Coopers Kits then later go onto hop/grain additions. BIAB with the 20 litre pot was next on the list and I dont mind making the...