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  1. MastersBrewery

    Chrismas in July Lotto 2016

    Christmas in July 2016 Lotto If your not sure what I'm on about here is the last couple http://aussiehomebre...uly-2014-lotto/ Here are the ground rules: 1. Post in this thread and add your name to the list by 10pm(AEST) Sunday 3-July . The draw time will be NSW time as that is where the Keno...
  2. MastersBrewery

    Keezer Project

    I have been looking for a new kegging system since I moved. I still have my Matilda Bay dual font going but varriety is the spice of life. Sunday I picked up a 200L chesty for $50, it was looking a little worse for ware,but a bit of a clean and it's all good. I opened up the compressor...
  3. MastersBrewery

    To stay?To quit? To move?

    OK as a group I respect; I should probably explain a little. The past four years for myself, and those around me have been hard with a few on going legal issues. We are now at the end of all that mess and it is best we move on. Away from this mess and also away from the city, some time for some...
  4. MastersBrewery

    FS/ free Ferment fridges and some bottles

    Guys I have two 330L kelvenator all fridges they can take 2 30L fermentors each or a 60L easily, they have had no peoblem with cold crashing, only selling as they can't move with me. $30 ea. Also have 4 crates of bottles mix of 330, 500, and 750. Available free. And yes the laminated brewing...
  5. MastersBrewery

    Cascade plant fs Syd

    Guys Sadly Im outta here and this won't travel well. So all yours for $30 I'll even throw in another half drum.
  6. MastersBrewery

    NSW XMAS swap 2015

    Lads well it's getting close to the end of the year, and the mid year swap I think produced some really nice and interesting tasters. So I thought why not do it again! I'd be happy to host say 5/12 or12/12 I have up to 6 taps going and plan to have all loaded by then. Location is Emu plains able...
  7. MastersBrewery

    WTB CPBF sydney

    Hi guys, I'm after a counter pressure bottle filler like this: I know some have gotten these and don't like them or don't use them anymore. Pm me if you've got one to sell. MB
  8. MastersBrewery

    What Tap is this?

    So I got these taps above with a font from flea bay recently, gave 'em a good soak in PBW for 48hrs. There are a few things I'd like to replace along with seals. You might be able to see on the exploded Tap the shank has a mild steel cir-clip, I want to change this out to stainless as well as...
  9. MastersBrewery

    Switch to MLF and stainless QD's

    So considering switching over to MLF fittings, but as with everything there's a reason behind it. For the last year I've had drama's with leaks, now as best I can tell it's the ball valves on my gas distribution, so I was going to upgrade the ball valves to high pressure and I can get 1/4 to MLF...
  10. MastersBrewery

    So I got some cubes

    Yesterday went out to this guys place and picked up some used cubes, the smaller one had concentrated lemon essence, and the larger had caramel colouring, they look like 25 and 30L I got 10 of each. I'm cleaning them out as we speak and they look to clean up ok, just waiting to see if the lemon...
  11. MastersBrewery


    As I scroll our home page I note the " today's Birthdays" listed usually this is listed in order of membership date. I also note we have our Admin and Mods names high lighted in different colours. As the fair majority of current frequent users are not familiar with our more senior members (some...
  12. MastersBrewery

    SWMBO's away time to play

    Ok so this missus is taking the kids away for four days, as we only recently moved and I broke my hand (the hand is now 70%), not much brewing has taken place. I have gotten down a BIAB in the urn but the big rig has sat idle. The BIAB brew I did is siting in the fermenter lagering. I was...
  13. MastersBrewery

    Kaxian impeller not turning

    Disaster strikes, got up at 5:30 for brew day, 1v system, filled required strike water started pump. low hum but nothing else, emptied the system pulled down the pump nothing amiss re assemble every thing and tested still nothing, pulled down pump again and with just the impeller in place...
  14. MastersBrewery

    3V and bits NSW

    Hey guys selling my 3V, bit reluctant to do so but I can't get to the ferment fridges in the shed and the 1V is now up and running, the Minister of everything has said it's gotta go! HLT is a 50L keggle with 2400w element (spare element included) and heavy duty 15amp cable, Mash Tun is a 10Gal...
  15. MastersBrewery

    Pitch into bottles

    I have a rather large Belgian (12%) that is struggling to carbonate. I know it fully attenuated and I added the appropriate amount of sugars but to this point (3mths) epic fail on carbonation. It tastes incredible but a little heavy on the pallet so some bubbles and head would really make this...
  16. MastersBrewery

    which is closer to WLP022

    Hey guys, Neither of my HB shops stock White Labs, so while I there I just grab what I thought might be close. The recipe calls for WLP022, I got Wyeast 1098 and 1028, are either of these close? Could I mix the 2 and see what I end up with? I still want to get close to the WLP022 though. What...
  17. MastersBrewery

    Tap catch up

    So after a 50th last weekend the keg fidge was looking pretty thin. The weather has been crap threatening to rain on the two occasions I got up tobrew this week, so thank god for Sundays. A double Fat yak clone on the way, heffe later this week I hope. Some pics
  18. MastersBrewery

    O2 wand

    Came across thishttp://www.williamsbrewing.com/WILLIAMS-OXYGEN-AERATION-SYSTEM-P699C106.aspx on another site was wondering if the were available locally. I see a couple of advantages being no need to have hands anywhere near the stone as well as being able to keep the stone on the bottom of the...
  19. MastersBrewery

    AG stores in Syd open Sunday?

    Been a little preoccupied, was wondering if anyone knew of a brew shop open Sunday in Sydney, need a grain bill, I have everything else. Yes my fault complete lack of planning!
  20. MastersBrewery

    36l UrnYIS

    For all the urn Biabers, can I squeeze a 19l batch from a 2400w 36L urn, or am I just going to create more work for myself? If not doable, what batch size would I be looking at?