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  1. sqyre

    Sqyre who???

    Hey.. i just woke up from the 2009 Xmas Case swap... 1.Anyone know where my pants are?? 2.Trump who? 3.Elon Musk.. thats a lollie right? 4.Everyone gets Corona for free?? Been a while... any old buddies still out there?
  2. sqyre

    its been a while...

    Its been a couple of years... So who out of the old crowd still frequent the pages of this wonderful site? Lots of man love.. Sqyre....
  3. sqyre

    Qld Case Swap Live On Skype

    Hi...... Add us.. We are broadcasting live from the QLD case swap on SKYPE... Username - QLDCASESWAP call me..maybe.. :lol: Sqyre.. :P
  4. sqyre

    Sqyre's Grain Mill

    My poor old marga mill died after about 6 years of loyal service... Actually it pretty much exploded... The bottom roller was actually smooth... :huh: So pulled out the MillMaster i had sitting in the shed gathering dust for the last 4 years and began the task of motorizing it. I had been...
  5. sqyre

    Should Sqyre Host The 2012 Xmas Qld Case Swap?

    Pat the mus garunteed
  6. sqyre

    Sqyre's American Style Bbq Smoker...

    Hey Guys, I thought i might post a few pics of my latest Project the American style BBQ Smoker.. I originally was going to build a Cold smoker which used for preserving meats etc using smoke only with no cooking heat but i found the Slow cooking Smoker interesting so i thought i would give it a...
  7. sqyre

    Free-300 Screwtop Tallies Pickup From Woodhill, Qld.

    I spent yesterday cleaning out and knocking down an old shed down the back and found about 30 cartons of screwtop Tallies i had forgotten about.. They have been partially exposed to the weather so the cardboard cartons have perished so you will need to bring some boxes or just load up a 6x4...
  8. sqyre

    2009 Qld Xmas Case Swap

    I think it is usually tradition to get the next case swap thread going the day after the last swap so I thought I'd better get in early, so I hereby raise my glass filled hand to once again host this years Qld Xmas Case Swap. :icon_cheers: I would normally put forward a vote for preferred...
  9. sqyre

    Scored Some Free Kegs...

    Renae was on the phone to her Uncle having a chat about nothing when the conversation somehow strayed into him mentioning he had found some weird looking stainless tanks at the Dump.. Not knowing what they were he chucked them in the back of his car in case he could use them for something...
  10. sqyre

    Fermenter Fridge Project.

    After going through the BS of trying to keep my Belgian Dubble we brewed last weekend under 20, And with the days already hitting 32, i decided i better start knocking up something to keep my fermentation temps under control. I had a few sheets of cold room panel i had been saving for a while...
  11. sqyre

    Brewing My First Belgian. What Fermentation Temp?

    Hey Guys, We are having a go at making our first Belgian Dubbel today but i cant seem to find any info on fermentation temps.. We are doing something similar to Ash from Perths "Dubble Trouble? using a Wyeast 3787 smack pack and some home made Candy sugar. There is only a pitching temp on the...
  12. sqyre

    Starter?...how About A Detonator!

    We have been playing with starters lately, keeping any left over unfermented wort in bottles to use as a starter for the next brews. After a few beers i thought i might split some yeast into 3 or 4 starters in plastic coke bottles and keep them in the fridge instead of reusing the yeast cake...
  13. sqyre

    Sqyre In Adelaide 22nd June.

    I'm flying down and staying in Glenelg for work for 2 nights, Sunday and Monday Night. I hopefully, might be able to have a free night away (monday night) from buisness meetings... and was wondering if there is anthing interesting within walking distance from the Glenelg Jetty. (Beer related...
  14. sqyre

    Times Are Tough? Or Screwed Up Priorities?

    With SWMBO on board the brewing wagon.. i now have a licence to brew whenever, buy whatever brew gear i want, and keep a Good stock of all brewing essentials... NOTHING stands in my way of a brew day..... nothing...? <_< I have approximatly:- 140kg's of grain, 2 kg's of various Hops, Yeast...
  15. sqyre

    Look Out! Its Mother's Day On Sunday! Did U Forget?

    Mother's day is this Sunday...!!! ALERT!!!!ALERT!!! and anyone with kids will have to not only cater to your MUM but the missus as well... So what what do you give them for Mum's Day? perhaps a bottle of your finest IPA? Or a Starter Brew Kit? and just when you thought you'd heard enough about...
  16. sqyre

    Team Sqyre Made A Boo-boo.. (forgot Some Hops)

    Hey guys, WE...(Me and Mrs Sqyre) were having a bit of a brew this arvo... and when we got to the end of the boil Mrs Sqyre relised that we forgot to chuck in half of the bittering hops... (nearly half the ibu's) Now we had about 40 minutes before the chiller coil finished doing its thing so i...
  17. sqyre

    You Know You Want One.... Oh Yeh...

    Boys.... There has been a lot of time and sweat dedicated to the perfect Automated Brewing Machine... With the use of PLC programmable do-hickys and sub-atomic particle accelerators strapped to 4 slice toasters your attempts at the perfect Brewing Machine i'm afraid have been thwarted... I...
  18. sqyre

    Funny Mega Swill Ad.. (looks Like A Qld Case Swap)

    :lol: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=bRqFPAKQ7WU Sqyre.. ;)
  19. sqyre

    Palate Cleansing

    In my quest to get "serious" about Brewing some "to style" Beers i want to able to identify different characteristics of different beers. And one big issue i have is that i try a beer one day and its completely different the next. Or i have a pilz then try an irish red then back to the pilz and...
  20. sqyre

    Qld Xmas Case Swap Poll

    Please select wether you prefer the 1st or the 8th of december for the 2007 Xmas case swap!! Here is the link to the original thread... 2007 XMAS CASE SWAP AT SQYRE'S All info posts and replies should be posted in the above thread so we can keep everything together. Thanks Sqyre.. ;)