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  1. buckerooni

    magnets inside fermenter - Neodymium no good?

    So I got these, https://www.bunnings.com.au/everhang-12mm-rare-earth-disc-magnet-6-pack_p3690099 but see in other threads it's recommeded ones with teflon, like stirbars. what's the issue with Neodymium ones, corrosion? as I will have up to 150g of hops in a bag, I'll probably go with...
  2. buckerooni

    maltmuncher - 0.100 = 1mm?

    been struggling with efficiency, then I borrowed a 20L brau, and payed a bit more attention to my milling. I've got a 2 roller KK Malt Muncher with a ozito drill running it slow. Following the Brau instructions noticed having it set to 0.100 (I assume is 1mm) was doing basically nothing! lots...
  3. buckerooni

    storing water from counterflow chiller - how many liters for a 65L batch?

    just got myself one of the kegland counterflow chillers (coolossus) and would like to store/reuse the water. I've got a system that can crank out 65L of wort, how much water do I need for chilling down to around 18c? I've got 3 x 220L olive barrels I can put taps on - just wondering how many...
  4. buckerooni

    temperature mash - raise water and grains together to mash temp

    it hadn't occurred to me seriously about a temperature mash until I read this in the brew wiki: Temperature Mash An alternative to the infusion mash is the temperature mash. Rather than adding a known quantity of hot water, the mixed water and grains are simply raised to the target mashing...
  5. buckerooni

    pressure fermenting 20L batches in 55L fermzilla - any concerns?

    got a buddy who wants to get into home brewing and has lots of bbqs at his place etc. Really wants to experiment with brewing, so will start with small batches but will want to brew slightly larger quite soon. Any issues doing 20L pressure fermenting on a 50L fermzilla? I'm assuming the...
  6. buckerooni

    [VIC] Free Fridge - 500L Westinghouse Mastermind

    fridge works, it's big. great for fermenting things in. internal dimensions 820H x 700W x 500D pick from Coburg, VIC. IMG_7017 by buckerooni posted 26/8/18 at 11:36 AM
  7. buckerooni

    marris otter low colour with simcoe / apollo

    looking to give this bag of marris otter low color a go with some hops I haven't tried yet but have on hand. the idea is to get the most out of the low color but malt flavor by mashing high, and getting a balance of the two hops. I've got 100g of simcoe but 300g of apollo to work with for a...
  8. buckerooni

    Dumping yeast from a conical (modded fermantasaurus)

    So I'm planning to dump the trub/yeast in a few days from my modded fermentasaurus ( https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/modding-the-fermentasaurus.98202/ thanks Punt!), having a look at people dumping yeast from other systems on youtube (brewtech conicals) they dump straight into an open...
  9. buckerooni

    Reducing the Fermentasauras stand height

    so after modding the fermentasauras [ https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/modding-the-fermentasaurus.98202/ ] I have reduced the height of the stand so it fits in my fridge with the pressure kit etc. ace! but I need to refix the frame legs together so it's solid again, better than the...
  10. buckerooni

    200L Grain Storage with valve for $55

    OK, make that $60-$70! So this is really needed for my missus buckwheat hulls in the shed but I might make another one for my ale grains :) The idea is: - store a large amount of hulls/grain in a rodent proof vessel - gravity-fed dispensing What I'm thinking - a drum with a tap on the bottom...
  11. buckerooni

    FS Melbourne, Coburg - 500L Fermenting Fridge $50

    $50 Westinghouse Mastermind 500L. Internal dimensions 820H x 700W x 500D great size, but I'm downsizing fridge compartment is clean, freezer is a bit nasty, needs a clean (I never opened it) fridge seal is a bit rough but does the job comes with shelves Pickup from Coburg. IMG_6058-001 by...
  12. buckerooni

    fitting for reg to disposable 02 bottle?

    after restoring my shed from chaos due to a renno, I've found everything apart from my 02 reg and tube/stone - it's driving me crazy. I've got another reg from my portable keg setup, anyone know where I can get a fitting to connect the two?
  13. buckerooni

    diecast aluminium box - ok inside kettle?

    As a temporary measure I dropped a couple of diecast aluminium boxes inside my kettle to elevate my grain basket off by elements, dropped a bit of sodium perc and met in the water at about 70c, rinsed then did a brew. when I finally took out the basket, I noticed the alu boxes had changed...
  14. buckerooni

    malted barley and wheat from mates farm - can I used it?

    hey fellas, scored from malt barley and wheat from a mates farm and was wondering if they're good to use, and if there's anything I should be aware of. I'm pretty sure the wheat needs to be malted (steeped/drained/rolled). can anyone confirm the specs for the grain make it suitable for...
  15. buckerooni

    1V mash in advice - full volume with pump on/off?

    Hi All, Did my first brew on the 1V last week and wondered about the mash in. I had my full volume of water (56L) at strike temp with the pump on and just dumped my 10kg of grain straight into the grain basket and just let it fall and settle with the pump still on. I've seen comments to...
  16. buckerooni

    soo, shredding 500kgs of cotton for cushions etc. Anyone?!

    very OT, this is one for the missus. She's starting out a small business in yoga equipment and we've got 500kgs of cotton in the shed (taking up precious brewery real estate) we need to stuff this into cushions and bolsters. The raw cotton is very lumpy and doesn't stuff in smoothly. The only...
  17. buckerooni

    Multi-Purpose 50L SS heat-preserving pail - uses?

    While rummaging through a sellers ebay store I came across this. It feels like it should be useful but I think the double walls actually complicate use - that is you can't drill anymore holes through the wall easily...
  18. buckerooni

    cutting the lip off a 54L pot to reduce height to use as 1V grain bask

    Hi All, Considering chopping off around 50mm off the top of a pot - it's the inner pot for my 100ltr system. This is so there is adequate room above the elements (2 x 4500w) - around 25 to 30mm above the elements. The bottom of the inner basket will be at about 90mm from the bottom: I plan...
  19. buckerooni

    drilling different holes in SS pot in imperial - best approach?

    Hi All, So I need to drill 2 different holes in my (cheekypeak) SS pot. 2 x hole for a 1.5 inch triclover ferrule: https://www.brewhardware.com/product_p/tc15rsf.htm. The hole needs to be between 34.9mm and 41.2mm. 3 x hole for pull through bulkhead...
  20. buckerooni

    Transfer from SS brew bucket to keg with liquid QD - fittings?

    Just picked up one of the SS brew buckets and want to transfer the beer into a C02 purged keg via the keg's liquid out post. Pretty sure people do this, but as the brew bucket barb is 8mm how do people connect this up to a liquid QD for a keg transfer? thanks.