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  1. Hippy

    Various Kegging Items

    Beer Filter with 1 micron filter-$20 CO2 Reg-$30 Spunding Valve-$20(sold) Pluto Gun with line and beer disconnect-$20(sold) Pick up Butler Perth or post at buyer's expense.
  2. Hippy

    Andale 3 Tap Flooded Font and Guiness Stout Tap

    Andale Flooded Font-$200 Guiness Tap-$50 Pick up Butler Perth or can post at buyer's expense.
  3. Hippy

    Yeast Starter Kit Perth

    Everything you need to become a yeast guru. Includes- -5L Erlenmeyer Flask -3L Erlenmeyer Flask -2L Erlenmeyer Flask -2x1L Erlenmeyer Flasks -4x 500ml Reagent Bottles -3x Magnetic Stirrer Bars -19x Vials With Rack -17x Draw Up Needles - Fisher Scientific Industrial Stir Plate- Stirs a 5L Starter...
  4. Hippy

    Portable Keg Set Up Perth

    Comes with 2x5L mini kegs. $150. Pick up Butler.
  5. Hippy

    Mytton Grovesnor 45L Keg Perth

    Quality old school keg with corny posts. Comes with enough sets of spare o rings and seals to last a lifetime. $150 Pick up Butler.
  6. Hippy

    100L Internal Rims Mash Tun Perth

    I have this 100L recirculating Mash Tun With 2400W heating element. It's nothing flash, made from the guts of an old hot water system. I built it as a prototype with the intentions of refining and welding etc. It does work, all you need is a temp controller, a stand and a pump and your in...
  7. Hippy

    100L Stainless Conical With Cooling Jacket For Sale Perth

    100L Stainless Conical Fermenter with cooling jacket 100L capacity 1.5" tri clove outlets (dump and racking port) Thermowell I've upgraded the valves from ball valves to butterfly valves which are easily pulled apart after each ferment for cleaning. It takes less than 5 minutes to ressemble...
  8. Hippy

    Oil in New Butterfly Valves

    So I was finally getting around to changing over the valves on my 100l conical to butterfly valves , when noticing what looks like a bit of of oil around the valve seals. Looks like oil from the machining of the components. I've taken them apart and washed in mild detergent but was wondering if...
  9. Hippy

    $55 bags of Simpsons Marris Otter -Perth

    Just dropped in to Brewmart in Bayswater for some grain. Neil is selling bags of Simpson MO for $55 so I bought 3. He still had about half a pallet left at that price and did me a good deal on a bag of wheat and Munich as well. He said he would be discounting a pallet of something different...
  10. Hippy

    Free Hop Rhizomes Perth Nor

    I have some POR and cascade rhizomes up for grabs. Don't have time to post so pick up only north of river. A couple of bottles of your finest seems like fair payment so pm me if you're keen.
  11. Hippy

    Cleaning Out Olive Barrels For Grain Storage

    I've just picked up two 200L olive barrels for bulk grain storage. They have a pretty strong smell of pickled olives which I'm trying to get out as much as I possibly can. I've filled with about 40-50L of hot water and a generous amount of dishwasher detergent , rolled around, emptied and rinsed...
  12. Hippy

    Perlick Faucet Parts

    So on cleaning out my beer lines before carbonating a few kegs of my latest brew, I've managed to damage the thread on one of the compression bonnets on my perlick 545 flow control and also noticed the o ring was also damaged. No problems I thought I'll see if I can order some replacement parts...
  13. Hippy

    Anyone have a Good Recipe for a Belhavenish Scottish Ale?

    I can't stop drinking Belhaven Scottish Ale at the moment and I blame my scotch drinking friend. He left me about a quarter of a bottle of some really expensive scotch at my place a month or so back after I brushed him off with his offerings of $100+ bottles of scotch saying "na I'm more into...
  14. Hippy

    Are 3/4 Inch NPT Fittings Compatible with BSP ?

    I know you can get away with interchanging 1/2 inch fittings between BSP and NPT with liquids but would I be pushing it with a 3/4 inch fitting. If the answer is no, does anyone know where i can get my hands on stainless npt fittings? I need either a 3/4 inch female to 1/2 inch hose tail or a...
  15. Hippy

    Origins Of Lager Yeast

    This is an interesting read for yeast farmers and lager brewers. Link
  16. Hippy

    1272 Or Pacman For A Honey Wheat Beer?

    I'm planning on making a batch of honey wheat beer using around: 40% Wheat Malt 50% Pale Malt 10%...
  17. Hippy

    25 Kg Sodium Percarbonate Bags For Sale In Perth

    To all the Perth brewers out there I have some 25Kg bags of Sodium Percarbonate for Sale for $60 a pop. This works out to $2.40 a kilo. I would prefer to sell whole bags so if it's too much for your needs you will probably need to split it with one or more people. I am in Butler in the northern...
  18. Hippy

    Yeast Nutrient

    Just noticed the yeast nutrient I bought the other day while emptying pockets at the LHBS says "Stimulates yeast growth in wine". Any ideas if this would have any adverse effects on my pacman yeast?
  19. Hippy

    How Long Will Hop Rhizomes Last In The Fridge?

    As per the title does anyone have any experience/knowledge on how long a hop rhizome will last wrapped in a plastic bag in the fridge?
  20. Hippy

    Pride Of Ringwood Rhi..yzome Perth Nor

    Finally got around to taming my hop plant roots. Ended up with only one decent healthy rhizome which is a POR, which is in the fridge.If anyone can be bothered to pick it up they can have it for a couple of bottles of their finest . Send me a pm if your keen otherwise it's going in the bin.