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    10 Min Por Apa

    Long live the 10 min IPA! (or derivatives thereof) I have had several all POR beers and some have been great and some not so great....glad yours flicked your swtich. Cheers
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    Pale Ale With Honey Flavour

    First two things that pop into my head is: 1) 67 degree mash? Are you sure you want to do that? I think 65 would be great for this recipe imo...but it really depends on what you want from your beer. 2) hops...calculate your bitterness backwards if you haven't already. Are you using...
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    How Much Lactose

    There has been some local adelaide brewers that have used a chemical that allowed them to bottle carb a sweet cider...interesting I thought. Hopefully they pipe up (I know QB was one of them as he told me about the product at a case swap). It would be great if you could get your hands on some...
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    2row Pale Malt 50lb Sack $20.80

    Sorry mate, Looks like I came into this thread with the wrong attitude. Hope whatever you get from these guys turns out great for you. Cheers
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    2row Pale Malt 50lb Sack $20.80

    You can get grain for brewing beer from seed distributors that need to make special orders? I wish I knew that before I ordered some floor malted English malts from a home brew shop that have it in stock at all times (i.e. didn't make a special order)... Link please...or I will continue to...
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    300-400 Litre Brewing System

    I don't think he has the budget for something that can only brew max 75 litre batches. If he wants two taps running he will need something like a 400 litre brewery. Good quality gear though from bb.
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    Where To Drink In Adelaide?

    Clutch... Here are your options. Brewboys, Wheatsheaf or if you have to be in the city, The Kings. The first 2 choices are about as far away from propect as each other. Brewboys is local micro and is nice and chilled. Wheatsheaf is the best australia can import and also aussie micro. Start...
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    Nc 10min Ipa

    cause that is just how we roll! nice to see you on the 10 min IPA bandwagon my friend.
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    Hops - What Do I Do With 'em

    Eat them :D But honestly...if you do a mini boil with some spec grains, chuck a pinch in at 10 mins...then once fermentation stops on the whole batch chuck in 2 g/l of hops dry for a few days...then bottle as normal... You'll then be brewing 10 min IPAs within 6 months. Cheers
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    Pot Ruined?

    SOOO misunderstood the thread name...
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    Aabc Accomodation Offer

    I can get rooms ~$130 per night at the oaks plaza pier or liberty towers in glenelg for anyone that is needing them. Cheers
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    10min Ipa With D-saaz

    You know when you drink a beer at the wheaty and you can instantly tell whether a beer is from NZ or the States...I find that riwaka has the NZ character in spades...like C hops have that American Flavour. The current batch of Nelson Sauvin hops are divine as well...have a split batch of NWPA...
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    10min Ipa With D-saaz

    I've used riwaka about 4 or 5 times now, only in NWPAs though and one IPA. As it is a bit lower on the AA% side, I haven't done a 10 min IPA with it yet. However, from the experience that I have had with it, I am very confident that it would be an exceptional hop for a 10 min IPA. Might have...
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    10min Ipa With D-saaz

    Do it...I guarantee you'll love it! :beer:
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    Urgent! Overnight Problem?

    I thought that it would have been lactic acid producing bacteria that is present in grain spoiling the wort that would have been of greater concern...there isn't really a remedy against that.
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    Helium In Place Of Co2

    Of course it would be impractical. So is making beer from beer. Give it a go mate and let us know how it goes. We need to know what our limits are. Cheers
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    Costly Lesson Learnt....

    I take it you BIAB? Either way, 69 is quite high. Try 64-65 next time for you non-ale beers. Cheers.
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    What Are You Brewing III

    Amarillo and Munich II smash. Mashed in about 20 mins ago. 1.050 and 30 IBU. 1272 Cheers
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    Whats In A Name? Everything

    Vale ale has very deep pockets and probably won't be turning a profit for the first few years, however they will build such a fan base of customers that they will have a strong foundation and hold on the market that the following years they will go very well. Have you looked at how many crisp...
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    Expectations One Step Ahead....

    Tell me about it. :rolleyes: It doesn't get any better my friend. I at times don't like any beer at all, even good commercial beer from mikkeller and the sorts. I find that it is good to have a SMaSH beer on tap or something very plain and simple. This helps me re-calibrate my taste buds...