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    Water chemistry - low HCO

    Hi all, I’ve never really used a water calc to change my water too much, so thought I’d give it a try. I’m using brewers friend. I’m doing a Vienna Amarillo smash - 5kg Amarillo and 0.1kg acidulated malt, 3 grams of both gypsum and calcium chloride which gives me a pH of 5.33. The question I...
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    1v recirc - return arm suggestions

    Hi all I’m in the process of building a recirc system for my BIAB setup. I have a 40L crown urn and pump, will be making a malt pipe, waiting on a helix to come back into stock from keg king, and will be replacing the tap with a 1/2” ball valve and using cam lock fittings on the pump and...
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    19L portable set up

    Hi all, So Christmas is fast approaching and I’m going visit the families (SWMBO and mine) and looking at some sort of portable setup for 2x 19L kegs. We’ll be away for a week, and power is accessible, so either powered or ice cooling is fine. I can’t seem to get hold of any 300ml pipe, but I...
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    Mashed at strike temp - can it be saved?

    Turns out I didn't turn my urn off once the water hit the strike temp, So I've been mashing (BIAB) at about 72oC for an hour. :( Can I salvage this brew in any way? I was hoping to make a basic smash with 5kg BB ale malt. Cheers Chap
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    BIAB upgrade

    Hi all I've been thinking recently of upgrading from BIAB (40L crown urn) to eventually a 3V Rims or Herms system. I'm thinking Herms over Rims for the non scorch factor and from what I've researched most home brewers seem to favour Herms over Rims. Anyway my question is, If I were to buy...
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    Too much 20min hops

    Hi all, I am hoping that I can salvage my latest brew somehow. I accidentally added 40g centennial at 20min instead of 20g, along with 20g cascade giving me an estimated IBU (brewers friend) of 50 rather than the 30 I was looking for. This also give me a BU/GU of 1.28 (calculated OG of 1.040)...
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    CPBF Recommendations

    Hi all I'm in the market for a counter pressure bottle filler as a Christmas present for myself. Anyone have a recommendation as the best available for $150 or less? Cheers Chap
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    Free: crown seal 750ml glass bottles

    Hi all A friend of a friend (legitimate) is clearing out his late fathers home, and has 200+ 750ml glass tallies up for grabs. I have taken 100 or so as that's all I can store for now. The bottles are dusty and could use a wash before use but free bottles are free bottles (pic attached of the...
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    Hi all, So I've done a total of 3 BIAB brews now, and while I'm still dialling in my system I've got an issue I'm hoping I can get some help with. In my last brew the wort came from the urn crystal clear, but I've just taken a sample to test gravity and it's pretty cloudy. My last 2 brews...
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    Missed numbers - tips for improvement?

    Hi all, So i've just done my first all grain batch - DSGA, BIAB in 40L crown urn no sparge, no chill, and seemed to have missed the numbers by a lot. details as follows: 2.4kg Pale malt (BB) 0.8kg Munich malt 0.8kg Wheat malt 0.25kg Caramunich Mash @ 66oC for 60 mins in 35L water, no sparge...
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    When to take gravity readings

    Hi all I'm in the middle of my first all grain brew (DSGA BIAB) and am wanting get my head around a few things. Firstly, when should I be taking gravity readings? Are there any others I should take other than pre and post boil? And what readings will I need to calculate efficiency? Cheers Chap
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    Professional Etching?

    Hi all, I've picked up a new 40L crown urn, but am yet to use it due to being my first all grain brew and being unsure about efficiencies and other intricacies (still researching) and I've come across an issue on volumes. My urn doesnt have any markings and I have read on the forum I can do it...
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    DSGA BIAB No Chill

    Hi all, I have just acquired a 40L crown urn and am looking to do my first all grain/BIAB brew. From scanning the forums I have found a number of users recommend DSGA as a starting point. What I cant seem to find is how to convert the recipe for no chill? I have never no chilled a brew...
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    WTB: BIAB setup

    Hi all, I'm ready to make the move from extract to biab/all grain and have managed to finally scrape some cash together to make it happen. I'm essentially looking for a turnkey electric product - pot with element, false bottom (if required), thermometer, sight glass, and associated hose...
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    Consistency - Bottling vs kegging

    Hi all Hoping the topic matches the questions. I'm having a few issues at the moment getting some sort of consistency with kegging most of my batch and bottling the remainder. The brews taste great from the keg, but the remaining beer that is bottled is thinner, lacking flavour, next to no...
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    Competition advice for newbies

    Hi all I'm looking to enter a beer or 3 into the QABC. Having never entered a brewing comp before, im hoping some of the more experienced members here wouldn't mind sharing a few hints and tips they've picked up from the comp circuit. Being that I'm an extract brewer at the moment, my main aim...
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    High OG

    Hi all, I've been brewing extract for around 12 months now and normally get a starting gravity of anywhere from 1.045 to 1.050 max. I put a brew down today and ended up with a starting gravity of 1.062. Recipe as follows: 250g Carapils 250g Medium Crystal 2kg Light LME 1.5kg Wheat LME...
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    Do I have a leak?

    So after my last gas leak where I lost half a 2.6kg bottle overnight, I repaired the leak (new oring and lube in the beer out post) detergent tested and hooked it back up. Had a few beers the other night and decided to turn off the gas as it looked like I was losing gas quickly (over 1000psi...
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    Dex in boil an issue?

    Hi all I'm in the process of making a lemonade and have the below recipe from ahb with some tweaks. The recipe I have done is below: 20 lemons 5 limes cinnamon stick 500 gm brown sugar 700gm dex 300gm honey zest lemons and scrape flesh out. put everything except dex and lemmon flesh into...
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    Have I wasted $25?

    So I thought I'd give a cider a go, SWMBO has been hounding me lately to make her one. So after a bit of a search I found you can use homebrand apple juice, SN9 wine/cider yeast and you're away. I also read to add some (500ml 4 tea bags) black tea for tannins. After pitching and putting it in...