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    Free 330ml OI Crown bottles - Alexandria

    Hi Folks Half a pallet of free OI 330ml Craft Bottles. Only conditions are that a) folks bring own milk crates or boxes to fill into and b) items will be available from Sat Aug 1st and c) its a first in first come deal. Pallet will be on the floor and ready next Saturday morning...
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    CBIA Beer Awards - Call for Volunteers

    The Craft Beer Association would like to announce volunteer opportunities for the 1st inaugural Beer awards and judging. Judging will take place the 21st and 22nd of October in Sydney with the final location to be announced. Volunteers will receive a cool Craft Beer Awards T-shirt, randomized...
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    Rocks Brewing Build ...

    Well, I am still a homebrewer, so thought I'd put up some pics of the brewery build. Bit of a step up from a few old cut up kegs you might say ... Will post from time to time, or as time allows. Scotty
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    Easter Show Craft Beer Garden - Worlds biggest Man Creche

    Sick of the kids, animals and SWMBO? Nick into the beer garden, 2 tents of craft beer. One mine (Rocks Brewing) and the other a crop of NSW Brewers. The Easter Show just got alot more interesting right?
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    New Dsi D Type Keg Coupler

    Hiya Got new DSI Keg Couplers for sale. Boags project has wound up, got too much brewing to do so have finished up the Agency. On FleaBay for sale, but happy to sell to AHB folks direct at a cheaper price ($75 + postage) . Have a few, can ship in boxes of 10 if there is any inspiration for a...
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    Rocks Ipa Is Coming ...

    I do not get much of a chance to do specialty batches, so one such oppurtunity popped up so we thought f*ck it, its 7% 70BU IPA time! I took some pics on the production day, coming to a bar near you in about 3 weeks. Scotty
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    Sydney Craft Beer Week

    Just checking you all know about this; http://sydneycraftbeerweek.com/ October 22-29. Stuff happening everywhere. Same format as Good Beer Week, just warmer and in Sydney :drinks: Be there or be ... sober! Scotty
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    Sparkling Amber Ale ..

    Today ladies and drunks, was or 3rd annual Real Ale Fest (RAF) at Real Ale Central Illawarra (known as Les's place, George Ave Bulli). I make and drink alot of beer, and before us was presented an Amber Sparkling Ale. It was well, ******* fantastic. Had all the dimensions of a Coopers...
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    Fosters Speculation ...

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    Harts Pub Brewers Feast

    Hi Guys On September 18 Harts Pub is holding its first Brewers Feast. The collective noun for a gathering of Brewers is Feast, hence the name. We have invited 5 Brewers to take part and will be selling half pints and pints. There will be a mix of beers from the Brewers as well as a whole bunch...
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    Beer Skool @hartspub

    Hiya Guys Beer Skool is starting next week @Hartspub. This will be running the last Wedensday of the month starting at 7.30 and $35 pp. Brewer Richard Adamson will be leading the nights Skooling, with the first night being Beer 101. The evenings will be aimed between beer drinkers and brewers...
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    On Tap @ Harts

    Hiya Well we are open now, so will update this thread for any beer rotations. New Beers on Tap * Schwartz Pils * Red Oak Honey Ale Fri 9th of April - Doc's Gose. 2 kegs only, I believe a rampaging Di Data State Manager is bringing the whole office down for a sample, so you had better get in...
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    Pink Poodle Gc

    Been in the GC for the Institute of brewing and Distilling Conference and gotta say its a tough world up here ... the poor AHB Brethrn in these parts. But on good advise from Ross at Stone and Wood, we headed to the Pink Poodle on the GC Highway and have not been dissapointed. Good variety of...
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    Albion Park Show Hb Comp

    Hi Guys Albion Park Show, one of the larger ones down these ways, is running a small HB Comp for the first time in 2010. The IBU's are helping out, if you can call it that, so if theres anyone in the local surrounds with a bottle then the entry details are in the show info below...
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    Rocks Brewing Re-opening Harts Pub, The Rocks

    Rocks Brewing is re-opening Harts Pub, the Rocks Sydney, taking over the leasehold. The process began some months ago, with the final hurdle this Thursday the 17/12 with the matter going before the OLGR review panel. The process has been pretty smooth, so crossed fingers for the same with...
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    If Hops Are Bad For Dogs, But The Dog Like Hoppie Beer ...

    Discuss ...
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    Bathurst Hb Comp - 2 Kegs Need A Courier ..

    Fella's Just wondering on folks heading to Bathurst for the Comp. A keg from Five Islands and Rocks Brewing is booked for a party, but I sadly cannot make it. But am up in Sydney intemittently and just wondering if any brethren would mid 2 50kg free loaders taking along for the ride? Scotty
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    Kegorator Adaptor For Din Kegs @ Andale

    Was picking up parts today from Andale in Botany, and they had a new 90 degree fitting made for DIN (tooheys) style kegs. Seems heaps of folks are buying Kegorators online but the taller DIN's will not fit over a Euro (CUB) style. Anyways, i know of about 4 folks with the issue, so may be a...
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    Fibc Tap At Scharers

    Hello MALE's Just a quick note that the nice boys at Scharers have given us a tap for a few weeks. We had about 3 each of the new beers go up; Summer Pale Ale, Pumpkin Ale, Pilsner, Hefe and I think a Dark Ale. The beers wull be changed around, so its a bit of a lottery. Anyways, for anyone...
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    Taking The Boss For A Bender In Sydney

    Seems I need to take the boss out on a bender and he has made me promise it will not be somewhere I normally go - aka The Lord, The Aussie and the Macca. So, as I need to break the creature of habit thingo, any suggestions for places to take the boss for a bender in Surry Hills, Newtown, Sydney...