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    Fermentation question

    Hi all I am now on my 5th brew and really enjoying the experience. I have recently purchased a fridge and with my heat belt have managed to keep my current brew at around 18 degrees using my Inkbird (great advice on that) I am brewing an IPA with Lallemand New England American Ale yeast. I...
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    NEIPA do's and don'ts

    Hi all It's been a while since I posted a query, everyone has been very helpful. My 2nd brew, Pirate Life IIPA was fabulous, 3rd brew Six Strings dark red IPA will be tasted this weekend. I have currently got a NEIPA brewing and I have had some conflicting advice versus the recipe. I am not...
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    When to bottle

    Hi all I have completed and bottled my first brew, FRED IPA. It isn't great, although seems to be getting better the longer I leave it. I am now 3 weeks into my second brew, Pirate Life IIPA recipe. I am feeling much more confident as I have managed to keep the temperature between 18-21...
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    First Post Confused with fermentation temperatures

    Hi, looking forward to virtualing meeting a lot of you through my home brew journey. I have just bought myself a starter kit (Isolation demanded a hobby) and am brewing an IPA. I live in the Blue Mountains and am trying to figure out the best temperature for my beer to brew. I have read soooo...