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  1. amiddler

    Taste Sensory Training

    I would like to hold a Flavour/Sensory Training session with some beers (Adulterated) to train people in what Bad beers taste like. I have seen the Sensory Training kits from overseas which have several different "OFF" flavours, but surly there is something available here in OZ. Anyone seen such...
  2. amiddler

    Geraldton Micro Brewery

    Geraldton might get its first brewery in 63 years. This was published in our local rag today. The proposed site almost backs onto the old site of Geraldton's last standing brewery, Globe Brewing, which closed down in 1949. Lets hope it gets the shire approval and liquor license it needs. Best...
  3. amiddler

    Chapman Valley Show Geraldton W.a.

    To all people in the Geraldton W.A. area the Chapman Valley Show is once again holding a Home Brew Competition. It will be on Saturday the 8th of September. This year prizes have been donated by Latitude 28 (a local pub) $100, IGA $50 and Category prizes by gryphonbrewing.com Being a small...
  4. amiddler

    Geraldton Brew Day

    G'Day Fellow Brewers. Bada Bing Brewing and myself will be holding a brew day on either the 16th or 17th of June, haven't decided which day is best yet. We will have 2 different All Grain systems going both brewing a Kolsch. I have a traditional 3V without HERMS and BBB runs BIAB with HERMS...
  5. amiddler

    Drew's Brew's Bar Upgrade

    So it has come time to upgrade my bar top. When we had the house built 3 years ago we skimped on the top as I was unsure what I was going to do with it at the time. I didn't take a photo before I started demolition but you could imagine a 200mm capping on the bricks the same colour as the bar...
  6. amiddler

    Water Profiles Wanted

    Hi All, As part of some Microsoft Excel training I am doing for work I am building my own water profiling tool, just like what beersmith has. If anyone has a water profile for there area that they would like included please post it here. I will offer out the file when it is completed. I did a...
  7. amiddler

    Autolisised Yeast

    So I brewed a Coopers clone with the yeast out of a 6 pack as I have done a few times before but this time the yeast growth wasn't as good whilst growing it and I under pitched into my wort. Possibly about half what I have had in the past. The beer has bad Autolisis, tastes and smells like a new...
  8. amiddler

    Ecu Short Brewing Course

    For those who don't know and may be interested ECU in Perth WA are holding another Short Brewing Coarse this year. Linky. Location: Edith Cowan University Joondalup Campus 270 Joondalup Drive Degrees Brewery, Building 9 Joondalup WA 6027 When: Monday, 27 June to Friday, 1 July 2011 9.00am...
  9. amiddler

    Jurien Bay Micro-brewery W.a.

    Was reading our local rag today and found an article stating a proposal had been granted to build a bar and micro-brewery at Jurien Bay 250Km north of Perth or in my case 200Km south of Gero. Great seeing as I travel to and from Perth through Jurien and will soon have a reason to stay over for...
  10. amiddler

    Dunkelweizen Ideas

    I've been toying with the idea of making a Dunkelweizen or Weizenbock. Basically I want to make a red wheat beer and it would best fit in these categories. What I was thinking was a heap of Wheat 45%ish, 20% of Munich and Vienna to stick with style, 10% Carared for the color and 5% Dark Crystal...
  11. amiddler

    Wheat Help

    OK so I am doing a wheat/wit beer for my next brew and want to know how much corriander and orange peel people add in g/L. I have done a quick serch and didn't come up with the answers I want. My thoughts are to add 1g/L, so for my planned 40L batch, 40g of corriander and 40g of orange peel. Is...
  12. amiddler

    Wheat Help

    So I'm going to wheat/wit beer next week with some Corriander and Orange peel and can't find the answers I'm looking for in the search engine. How much g/L do people add to there wheat/wit recipes? I'm doing a final volume of 40L is 1g/L for both corriander and orange peel too much? I also...
  13. amiddler

    Brewing Water

    The water here in Geraldton is quite hard, shower heads need changing every couple of years from calcium and lime build up and I was finding the taste of my hops very harsh. I have not got a Gero water report yet, on the things to do list. Even a Pilsner bittered to 25IBU tasted alot more bitter...
  14. amiddler

    New Addition

    So me and the missus added a new arrival to the Drew's Brew's Trio with a little girl. Had some professional photos done and had to post one certain photo. Isn't she gorgeous? Oh and the baby is pretty too. Mum And Bub doing well. Drew
  15. amiddler

    Fantastic Brew Day

    Gotta love it when you make some changes to the way you brew and it all goes to plan. My Marga mill has been giving me the Sh#%s for a while now, not feeding fast enough so I finally did the mod to it as discussed here. I took a guess as to the hole location and did not measure like said but it...
  16. amiddler

    Best 3 Brews

    Hello All I have made a decision to try and brew 3 really good beers rather than change recipes every week. This came about for 2 reasons. #1 I am not making great beers. They are drinkable and acceptable but not great. If I stick to a smaller recipe base I will have more opportunity to turn...
  17. amiddler

    Humming Bird Lager

    Hey All, The wife tried a Humming Bird Lager the other day and now wants me to give a try at making one. It is made by Cruiser so not overly "Beery" in flavor, very light colour, not allot of bitterness and a real passionfruit after taste. Any way thought I would give a go at designing my first...
  18. amiddler

    Mashmaster Vs Fridgemate

    Ok so I am about to buy a Mashmaster Cooling controller or a Fridgemate but have a question on them for people who have maybe owned both of them. The Fridgemate comes with a smaller probe as standard and I will be immersing it in my wort so after buying the upgraded probe the cost is $79.40 for...
  19. amiddler

    Finally Turning To Ag

    OK. So the Minister for War and Finance has let me turn to AG brewing. As I live in a small city 450 Km from Perth I will be picking up 25Kg (cost effective) grain on my trip there next week, but what grains? I am thinking of doing a few brews firstly with 1 type of grain to get a feel on how...
  20. amiddler

    Brewers Confessional Booth

    OK so I have been thinking of this topic for a while. Why not have one place were every brewer can post a sin that they think "I shalt never do that again" ? Well here it is. I am thinking that if every brewer on the forum posts there biggest NO NO, then this will become a very handy topic to...