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    WILLHI temp sensor

    Can anyone help, I have accidentally overstreched and broken the sensor probe cable. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement. Went to Jaycar electronics just to buy a basic temp sensor and cable and was told that it all depends on cable diameter, length and resistance and if not exactly...
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    Beer line connection

    Hi all, have purchased a second hand Cobra head triple font set. Was fairly pitted and tarnished looking but after a few hours stripping and metal polishing they have come up real good. I have stripped them all down and cleaned the internal piston type brass components until gleaming like new...
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    Coopers real ale batch

    So onto brew #4, a Coopers real ale. Day 1 1 x tin Coopers real ale 1/2 kg extra malt brewing sugar 1 kg brew enhancer 2 200ml molasses 25 grams Saaz hops steeped (left over from a Stella clone) Boiled 3 litres spring water, EMBS and 1/2 the BE2 for 30 mins. Got yeast going by mixing packet of...
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    'Wish' app buying

    Hi all, has anyone ever purchased anything from Wish. Have heard its a scam useless site to order anything. Was wanting to order a fridge vinyl wrap as photo but do not want to waste time and money. Any advice appreciated Daz
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    First Cooper IPA

    My second brew, Coopers IPA tin, BE2, 17 grams Galaxy steeped, 350 grams black treacle, 350 grams brown sugar and 9 grams kit yeast and kept at 20°. OG 1.041. Day 6 dry hopped 50 grams galaxy, Day 8 and 2 days stable FG at 1.005 so 4.73% and bottled with 2 carb drops per PET and kept at 22°...
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    First brew - Coopers English bitter

    Hi all, My first brew with the Coopers home brew kit is a Coopers English bitter which I followed instructions to the letter, but added 14gms of galaxy hops (steeped in boiling water for 25mins) with the tin, BE1 (came with lager as supplied with kit) and spring water. OG was 1.035. Kept at 19...