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  1. sstacey

    Brewing with Brett, rack or not?

    Question for the brewers who are using Brett yeast. For non-lambic beers, when fermenting with a mix of saccharomyces and brettanomyces, is it good practice to rack the beer off the primary yeast cake after the initial ferment is complete, or is reasonable to leave the beer on the yeast cake for...
  2. sstacey

    How I serve British ale

    I wanted to write a post about how I serve British aka 'real' ale as I haven't seen anyone else do it this way (or maybe I don't read enough posts). I looked at getting an uber-cool beer engine from the UK but eventually decided against it because a lot of beer could potentially be wasted when...
  3. sstacey

    Free glass door fermenting/wine fridge

    I have a Dome glass door wine fridge that I have been using to ferment in but no longer need. It cools well down to lager temps. The internal programable thermostat throws an error message but I control temp using an external controller as most people do with regular fridges. Some minor cracks...
  4. sstacey

    Lpg cask breather

    Has anyone done the lpg bbq regulator conversion to make a CO2 cask breather (of sorts)? I have been in the shed looking at an old regulator and cannot remove the existing hose threads - almost looks like it has been epoxied in. Is it best to buy a new regulator with no hoses attached and do...
  5. sstacey

    Beer engine supplier in the Netherlands?

    I am likely to head to Amsterdam in Feb for work, only there for a week or so, but I would really like to get a beer engine/ beer pump and the postage to Australia is a killer (for my budget at least). Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Amsterdam that sells beer engines? I realise that...
  6. sstacey

    How was EU beer served before kegs?

    A lot has been written about how English beer was cellared and served in the days before kegs, much thanks to CAMRA for keeping the history alive. But I have almost no idea how beer was stored and served in northern Europe, around Germany and the Netherlands. Was it stored in small casks (to...
  7. sstacey

    Hops That Tolerate Heat/dry

    I thought it would be a good idea if we put together a list of hop varieties that tolerate both hot weather and dry conditions. If we make a good list it might help people work out what to plant. The summer this year in Adelaide has been really hot and my Mt Hood hops have almost died. My POR...
  8. sstacey

    How To Gelatinise Wheat?

    Does anyone know how to gelatinise raw wheat grains? What temperature and rest time should I use and do I gelatinise prior to crushing or after? I assume I add it to the rest of the mash AFTER it has been gelatinised, rather than rest the whole mash at the gelatinisation temp?
  9. sstacey

    Where To Find Saison Dupont?

    Has anyone been able to find Saison Dupont in Australia? I've seen a few posts where people have mentioned it, but no specifics. I am preferably trying to find somewhere to get bottles in Adelaide, but if I have to buy from interstate, that's okay too. Cheers.
  10. sstacey

    Help With Diacetyl

    I have just brewed my first lager after brewing ales for some time. I fermented at 11degC, which I thought was about right but since learned this is a bit high. I was careful to cool my wort to 11 before pitching the yeast. At the end of primary fermentation I increased the temp to 18degC for...
  11. sstacey

    Increasing Fridge Size By Removing Barrier?

    Hi All, Has anyone tried increasing the size of their conditioning/kegging fridge by removing the barrier between fridge and freezer in the two door models? (of course keeping the outside slat in place so the doors still close and seal) As I understand the fridge and freezer are cooled from the...