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  1. facter

    Brewery Glasses

    Some time ago I stumbled on a website where a guy was collecting together images of all the different brewery glasses that he had either acquired or stumbled on - I cant for the life of me find this website with all these glasses on it .. does anyone know where it is, or, what Im even talking...
  2. facter

    Beer Line & Resistance

    hi all i would like to add some more beer line, i am currently unable to put any higher carbed beer through my lines as it ends up just as froth .. i have about an extra few meters for each line. my question is, the extra line i have is smaller than the other line already attached tot he tap -...
  3. facter

    Esky Mashtun Conversion

    Okay.. a couple of weeks ago, I got myself a stainless steel manifold plus all the fittings required for a proper mashtun, so I can do awya with the old bucket I was using. The eksy that I have for the conversion is a 44liter one .. however, it is fairly wide/shallow and not one of those high...
  4. facter

    Using "the Other Member Of The Hops Family"

    A close friend of mine has very bad glucoma, and has taken to using "alternative" medicines as a way of helping their condition. They love beer, and I have been toying with the idea of making them something with a bit of a herbal remedy included in it, its taking its toll on their happiness...
  5. facter

    Oh No! Vb To Be 0.1% Weaker!

    LOL from this article "But the company stressed last night that the taste of VB would stay the same. "It certainly doesn't affect the taste, which is very important to our VB drinkers," VB spokesman Ben Wicks was quoted in the Herald Sun as saying. " Let the amusing comments to begin ... haha
  6. facter

    Adding Fruit To Weizen In Primary After Fermentation Stops

    Okay, I have a problem - I dont have any spare vessels to rack off my dunkelweizen in order to add raspberries to it in secondary .. usually i dont even seconday my weizens, i dump them into a keg and let them ages a little in there - i like them fresh off the ranks and green for flavour ...
  7. facter

    Help Me Pimp My Chest Freezer

    Okay guys ... I bought myself a nice two tap font from craftbrewers, and now just have to install the thing. Thing is, I'm NOT mechanically inclined and wouldnt reallyy have a great ide ahow to go about this - especially with the type of freezer that I have converted Its an old Malleys .. cant...
  8. facter

    How Much Extract Can I Get Away With Int He Boil?

    I'm going to do up a quick lager tonight, I have a yeast ready and dont want to leave the starter too much longer ... I'm going to do a 60 minute boil of some extract with some hops - going to use the last of my nelson up on it in a pilsener - I'm wondering how little extract I can get away...
  9. facter

    Sauvin Dunkelweizen

    .. after doing my dark-sauvin on the weekend, the hop struck me as being grand for a weizen.. not sure if anyone has used it before, but this is the recipe that I am using. ive started the mash already .. its the hopping that I am wondering about - a hefeweizen shouldnt have much of a hop...
  10. facter

    Help On Infusion Step Mash For Weizen Partial

    Okay .... so, I have a partial dunkelweizen that iw ant to do. The problem is, is that I am just doing infusion mashes into an esky. I have been trying to get this right for a bit but it jsut isnt working out very well ... I always end up adding too much water. I have of 3.2 kilos of grain...
  11. facter

    Nelson Sauvin In Dark Ale - Quick! Haha

    Okay guys, I was going to make ross's nelson blonde, but i decided to give it a little color,.... i beleive i went a little overboard and its now actually quite dark, stupid chocolate and roast malt! I still want to use the nelson, just as an experiment, but i have NO idea how wel it will go in...
  12. facter

    Removing Freezer From Fridge

    Next week my lager will be finished and I'll have an opportunity for a day to actually attack my fridge and try to remove the freezer component from it ... that said, im no electrician, and it worries me a little to be taking out the top part of the fridge. has anyone done this and can give me...
  13. facter

    Promash Ingrediants Database

    As im sue many of you have customised your promash ingrediants profiles, i was wondering if any of you could share your ingrediants database? im finding that there are a lot of grains and ingrediants/hops etc missing that are more specific to australia and its taking a long time to track them...
  14. facter

    Wolfberry .... Sulfides

    Well, i havnt done any brews for a while, so im planning my next batches... as always, i cant keep well alone and i have to bastardise every batch i do in some way, so this always leads to looking for new ingrediants i happened upon a shop that sells all manner of teas - everything really, but...
  15. facter

    Emergency Hop Weighing Without Scales

    My stupid scale has decided to bunk out on me in the middle of my brewing session. I have the mash going and it'll be about another half an hour until I have to sparge and boil ... Is there any way I can measure out the grams of hops without a scale? I know its a long shot ... at the moment my...
  16. facter

    Smaragd (emerald) And Weizens

    Well, im on holiday so Im doing my mid-week brew tomorrow. I have in mind a raspberry/honey weizen using a 3333 yeast and a partial mash ... I have been using PErle hops lately for my bittering for the weizens - but I just dont know if I am happy with the flavour, so wanted to try something...
  17. facter

    Fermentation Problem

    Okay, im having a problem with a brew I did... I put it down ten days ago, and the things now stuck. It was an IPA, with a gravity around 1056 or so. I used an American Ale 2 yeats from wyeast ...it w3as plenty aerated, lots and lots of splashing ...however. I didnt have time to make a...
  18. facter


    ... as in, can it be used in a brew? What are the problems associated? The major factors I can see that would be a problem would be unwanted bacteria and lactose .... Has anyone ever done this or tried it? IF you can use a leg of lamb in cider, surely someone has tried cheese inb eer...
  19. facter

    Wtb: 2x Tap Font

    Someone referred GMK lately as being the man to talk to about all things keg setups - and allegedly he sell/knows where to get hold of some good pieces? However, I cant seem to get through to his PM box. I finally managed to get hold of a small chest freezer last weekend, and its pay week -...
  20. facter


    .. is there such a style as a Witbier made with a fair bit of dark malt? thinking of trying it out an experiement.... or is there already an Belgium style that covers something like this?