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  1. nala

    Kegerator set up.

    Downsizing house means I cannot take my fermentation fridge or my keg fridge. I have sold my gear and have bought a Mk 4 Kegerator. Question ; with the exception of brewers who live on top of a mountain, setting up line length and pouring pressure for a Kegerator should be standard to 99 % of...
  2. nala


    I have aTilt hydrometer for sale. This is the latest model, bought 8 weeks ago. I have used it 3 times and find that it is not for me. I paid $200 for it and am willing to sell it for $100 plus postage to the buyers address. No silly offers please.
  3. nala


    Recently bought a Tilt Hydrometer. Used it for the latest three brews. Not altogether sure if the readings I am getting both from OG or FG are acurate ! I have calibrated in water for both gravity and temperature. The readings I get for OG do not correspond to the readings by either...
  4. nala

    Robobrew 3

    Just ordered a Robobrew 3. Looking on line....Youtube videos etc to try to glean something useful, with respect to mash water volumes, or water to grain ratios. I have brewed for some time now using my self made HERMS...quite successfully, but the Hermit controller which has served me well needs...
  5. nala

    Coopers new beer kits

    Someone posted a link to IAN H Kit & Extract spreadsheet...which listed the new beer kits from Coopers. Has anyone got the link please.
  6. nala

    Pouring pressure

    I have 4 kegs in my fridge which are conditioning naturally at 15 psi. I am happy with the beer conditioning but would like to be able to reduce the pressure for pouring from the keg on tap. Does any brewer use an ancillary pressure regulator to achieve this ? I am wondering if I could introduce...
  7. nala

    Keg King pump rating

    I have just checked my pump rating,the data plate on the pump indicates a flow rate of 16/19 litres per minute, head 2.4 - 3.4 mtrs. The pump is actually pumping...unrestricted, at 6.6 ltrs per minute at a head height of 65 cms. Anyone tested theirs ?
  8. nala

    Where have the innovators gone ?

    I haven't seen a new inovation on this forum for a very long time. What used to be essential reading for me on a daily basis,now has very little to offer. I don't know whether the availability of the Braumeister and the Grainfather have negated the once great inovations conceived on this forum...
  9. nala

    What's gone wrong ?

    I used Mariss Otter for the first time today, I usualy use B&B or Joe White pale grain. Today I had the first stuck mash after having done in excess of 125 all grain brews. Doughed in at 52 c gave it a good stir as usual let things settle for 5 minutes then started the pump with valve open...
  10. nala

    Bleach as Sanitizer

    I have used bleach as a sanitizer for years, never had a problem. I have mixed...10 mls of bleach and 10mls of white vinegar to 6 litres of water for sanitizing fermenters etc, since I started brewing 8 years ago. I recently bought my usual home brand bleach from Woolworths and having compared...
  11. nala

    Brewmate no chill

    I am looking to hear from anyone who uses Brewmate recipe designer with the no chill option. I prefer to freestyle hops, and like FWH at the start of 90 minute boil. I currently use the 90 minute FWH to achieve IBU requirement and then use the hop addition window set to Aroma to calculate the...
  12. nala


    I have recently started to keg my beer (2 kegs so far). I have read quite a few kegging topics and find something of interest in all of them,however, all talk in terms of "Kpa" and not PSI - why is this ? Am I the only kegger with a Co2 regulator (Harris Co2 Regulator) which does not measure in...
  13. nala

    Cheap Pid Controller

    Usually if things appear too cheap to be true - they usually are ! I would like to use a PID for temperature control of my mashing, I have seen the Aubins controller and have no doubt that these are the best but what is the difference between this one and the Aubins except the price ...
  14. nala

    Worms - Bucket

    I begin this topic by acknowledging that Bribie G is the instigator of brewing in a bucket, I have merely embellished what he conceived as a good potential method, I have introduced a recirculating method to his original efforts. Firstly a geometry lesson for Michael in readiness for next...
  15. nala


    Before I begin my topic can I say that I have no particular skills as a DIY'er no computer skills and even less brewing skills. I read the AHB forums religiously every day and and very impressed with those members who have the skills to make things to help them improve their brewing ability...
  16. nala

    Ahb Members Mandurah Wa

    I am wondering if I am the only AHB member in Mandurah WA. I am moving from Kit & Kilo to AG both BIAB and 3V. Anybody here want to share experiences or ready to take on the challenge.
  17. nala

    Crown 40 Litre Water Urn

    I have a Crown 40 Ltr water urn, concealed element - on order - delivery next week. In my anxiety to get some information into my brewing software, I looked at the specification of the boiler : Diameter --- 34 cms Height------ 58 cms I put these numbers into the BIAB caculator to check that...
  18. nala

    Water Analysis

    Would anyone know where I could get my home tap water analised ? I would like to use the EZ water calculator spreadsheet to determine additions to the mash, required for a particular beer style. All I require is : a) Calcium ppm B) Magnesium ppm c) Sodium ppm d) Chloride ppm e) Sulfate ppm I...
  19. nala

    Hop Utilisation

    I refer to the nomograph in John J Palmer's - How to brew. Page 58 gives a nomograph of hop utilisation based on time and gravity of wort. The factors indicate that a higher OG will lessen the effect of the hop potential, can it be assumed that if hops are boiled in water as opposed to wort...
  20. nala

    Thank You To All Topic Posters

    I would like to take the oportunity to thank all those members who have posted topics on the AHB forums. I am new to brewing and have read with interest most of the topics that have been posted, I would like to say how informative these have been, I have personally gained invaluable experience...