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  1. shawie

    Urns, pump, flask and bits for sale

    Would you post the pump ar my cost?
  2. shawie


    We use to camp there
  3. shawie


    Your not near Shallow crossing ?
  4. shawie


    Another south coaster welcome Bhundoo
  5. shawie


    Im thinking of making one Ill like to ask you a quick question is your kegs in ice too or do they stand next to the esky? Cheers
  6. shawie


    Cheers snd sorry
  7. shawie


    I have had a mixed review of the jocky box. Question for those who own one do you keep the keg cool or is at room temperature. Scott from IBU has told me that it works well as long as its under 35 degrees and its all about the co2 pressure. I too would love to make one for camping and xmas time...
  8. shawie

    Tokyo Breweries, Pubs, etc - Recommendations Please

    Hey mate I was there in April and visited that one it was great. We just walked around and then brought a few tasters (4 beer set) if memory serves me correct. As for craft beers i found a bottle shop and just brought up big time. Craig
  9. shawie

    Cascade Rhizomes EOI Frankston Victoria

    Hi Is there any left? Id love to have a crack at growing some Craig
  10. shawie

    South Coast NSW

    Hi i was wondering if the wollongong or south coast group is still running?
  11. shawie

    Hi from corrimal

    Hi folks Im in corrimal new to brewing just started grain with the robbobrew. I have got a keg set with a stc-1000 controlled fermenting fridge. Looking forward to meeting everyone and picking peoples brains from time to time. Craig