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  1. Lebowski

    Couple Of Questions About Purging And Storing Kegs

    I have moved into a small unit where I dont have any taps outside etc to wash out fermenters so I brew at my parents then stick it in a keg and transport the keg to my unit to stick in the fridge. My first question: Is it ok to transport my filled keg without purging the headspace with CO2 in...
  2. Lebowski

    Best Place To Get Complete Keg System/gas

    Have made about 5 brews and am getting sick of washing all the bottles so was thinking about getting a keg system in perth. Westbrew has a setup for $399.00 Keg Systems with Beer Gun. (System contains 2 kegs) Is this a good setup? Can I get better for less around perth? Where do I get the...