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  1. goatus

    Heating elements - do they NEED to be fully immersed while running?

    I'm planning on slapping together a herms tube with a stick-type heating element slips between the coils of the herms coil. It will be a lot easier to build with both the element and the coil mounted through the lid of the tube as depicted in my highly artistic sketch below: Red = element...
  2. goatus

    Fridge circular air-cooling beer line idea - Suggestions?

    I'm currently running a chesty with taps through the collar, but from a combination of the chesty starting to show its age, wanting to run less fridges in my brewery, and wanting the convenience of putting the kegs in without lifting them, I am thinking of throwing my kegs into my upright...
  3. goatus

    I got cold-break in my keg. Best way to filter it out?

    For some reason my plate chiller didn't do so well on my last batch (probably ground water temp). It only got the wort down to 35ish into the fermenter, so i threw the fermenter in the fridge to get it down to pitching. Looks like that left quite a bit of cold break in the bottom of the...
  4. goatus

    SS BrewTech Brewmaster Bucket in a small fridge

    Hi all, Looking for advice from existing brew bucket users before I buy one of these things - OK, if they weren't sold out nationwide it would already in the mail ;-) However: How wide is the thermowell? My plan is to use a BrewPi to manage temps, I use these DS18B20 sensors (6mm diameter)...
  5. goatus

    Reusing Yeast Blends

    Hey all, I routinely repitch from slurry, and I'm thinking about trying out the Yeast Bay Funktown Pale Ale, which is a blend of Vermont and Brett I believe. Has anyone repitched this, or any other blend? Do you get the same kind of result, or will the blend ratio be thrown off?
  6. goatus

    Please help me set up Bru'n Water Correctly. Water Report attached

    Hi All, Can someone please make sure I have set up my Bru'n water correctly? I went with the middle of the min-max values for each of the measurements - is this the way to go, or should I use the max values? Im not sure if I calculated Bicarbonate correctly - I took the Hardness as CaCO3...
  7. goatus

    Wanted: Chinook or Centennial Rhizomes in WA

    Any of my west aussie bretheren grow Chinook or Centennial here and will be splitting their Rhizomes soon? Looking to get a hop crop going for next season, but none of those darn easties will endanger our flora and fauna by sneaking them passed the bine-police at the border for the benefit of my...
  8. goatus

    Is my little brown pump... THE little brown pump?

    Hi all, Bought myself a little brown pump from here - but then realized just cos its a 12v little brown pump doesn't mean it is THE little brown pump. Is this the same one everyone else uses? Its rated for boiling water but will it put stuff / flavors in my wort? I am only planning using it for...
  9. goatus

    Could a gas manifold with check valves help preserve aroma?

    Hi All, Just a wild thought here - I have no check valves on my gas system at all, my gas is simply split with tees to the various kegs. I have previously detected dry-hop crossover with hop aroma from one keg getting into the others. I also seem to lose all hop aroma (even in hugely dry-hopped...
  10. goatus

    Anyone use a 115L Homemaker Bar Fridge for Fermenting?

    Hi all, Does anyone have this 115L Homemaker Bar Fridge from Kmart? I found this old thread about the homemaker 120L being perfect for a bunnings fermenter as you can remove the freezer section with just a couple of skrews and fit a bunnings fermenter perfectly. Obviously this 115L is a new...
  11. goatus

    BrewCellar 23L Kegs - Any good?

    Anyone use these wider kegs? I'm planning a new setup and the dimensions of these will fit my prefered fridge setup better (plus the extra brewery-bling factor!), but Ive heard concerns about the other non-ruberised kegs not being rated for enough pressure (warnings not to force carb, etc) /...
  12. goatus

    Colour coded beer line

    Hi all, Has anyone seen colour coded beer line in australia? I have seen photos floating around the web of people using it in the US to make life easier identifying which line is going where. Sounds like a good idea. Cheers
  13. goatus

    Oops... Low Mash Temp

    Hi all, Got a BIAB batch mashing at the moment in my electric BIAB kettle - was aiming for mash temp of 67 and hit 65, so kicked my electric element on for a few mins before i rug up the kettle to hold temp. After 15 mins and much confusion over why the temp wasnt rising - i discovered it had...
  14. goatus

    Will My New Mill Kill This Drill?

    Hi All, My new Crankandstein 2S mill is on its way to me.. now looking for a way to power it. I have this cheapy hammer drill from the big green shed: http://www.ozito.com.au/hammer-drill-710w do you think it will be able to handle 5kg of grain without burning out? Its got a little speed...
  15. goatus

    Homegrown Hop Aipa - Recipe Feedback & Will Us-05 Manage 1.071sg?

    Hi all, Just harvested a buttload of homegrown cascade off my hop plant.. they smell awesome. Calls for a nice hoppy cascade AIPA I think. I'm guestimating their AA% at about 3% (I figure I wouldnt have done as well as the commercial growers % wise, and im not really sure if i dried them long...
  16. goatus

    Hop Bitterness Dilution Ratio

    Hi All, Gonna give no-chill a crack next brew.. i've got a heap of 15L cubes, so my plan was to make a bigger/bitterer beer to 15L, then dilute with 5L of water when i throw her in the fermenter. Now if i build a recipe in BeerSmith to 20L, to my final desired bitterness & OG - and then just...
  17. goatus

    1/2 Inch Silicon Washer/gasket

    Hi all, I've got a 1/2inch fitting i want to put through my kettle (weldless), but i cant seem to find anywhere that will sell me a silicon washer that will fit snug around the 1/2inch fitting (Craftbrewer seems to only sell 20mm ones, and if my calculations are correct 1/2 inch is 12.7mm). Can...
  18. goatus

    Polypropylene - Safe To Boil In?

    Hi all, I've got access to a 220L Polypropylene drum - used for wine i believe. I'm thinking of the worlds biggest bucket-o-death. The walls seem fairly sturdy, cant imagine they will soften - will i get nasties in my beer though? Cheers
  19. goatus

    Help! I Broke My Beer Out Post On My Keg!

    Hi guys, I have a beer-mergency! I accidentally put my gas ball-lock connector onto my beer out post. It surprisingly wasnt a struggle to get on, but took some man handling to get it off once i realised what a dingbat I was. It came off, but now I cant get any beer flowing when i connect my...
  20. goatus

    Help! I Stalled My Cider!

    Hi all, I made up a cider with a combination of preservative free apple juice and apple and pear juice from the supermarket, threw some Nottingham and yeast nutrient in there. SG was 1.043 - 7 days in at 14 degrees it was down to 1.020 so I thought i would rack to secondary and let it ferment...