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  1. datfrog

    Turkey Fryer

    I bought a turkey fryer a little while back and decided I would do a test boil with it. So I filled my 100 litre pot and set about boiling it. After about 35 minutes I gave up and the little 3kg bottle of gas I had was empty. DO you normally have to mod the stands these turkey fryers come...
  2. datfrog

    Almost My New Setup

    Forgive me all, It has been many months since my last post. Since I started brewing back in 2004 ( In the first 12 months I did 26 brews) I then slowed down a bit from Late 05 until now. I have been busy in the last few months gathering bits and peices from all over the planet essentially...
  3. datfrog

    Hoegaarden Original White Ale

    anyone seen any ag recipes for a Hoegaarden Original White Ale ?
  4. datfrog

    Re-using Yeasts

    I have a day off and and goinf to brew. What do you do with Liquid yeast that you have bottled from a previous brew. Do you need to do anything special or just pitch when ready like Powdered yeast ? I have a 2007 Pilsner Yeast. Any other useful advice on Yeasts would be good 2 Thoughts ?
  5. datfrog

    2nd Ferment Lager

    My 1st batch I have bottled my Lager and after almost 3 weeks it still seems not to be very gassy. In Fact it does not have much at all. My Second batch of lager looks to be doing the same. Do lagers take longer on the 2nd that normal ? I am about to start my 3rd brew and want to make sure...
  6. datfrog

    Brew Pubs In Sa

    Is there any Brew Pubs in Adelaide that are worthy of an Cold Afternoons Passing ? :chug:
  7. datfrog

    Honey Beer

    Anyone had a crack at making a (Ala Matilda Bay Brewing Company) Beez Neez. I had some of this some time back and it was pretty good. Would not mind having a shot at making something similar. I am still a bit green on brewing so I will leave it so you experts. ! Anyone had a go or willing ...
  8. datfrog

    Bottle Priming

    Is ther any major difference to the Carbonation Drops by Coopers and the Sugars you could add yourself. Any Pro's and Con's ? The last time I bottled 6 odd years ago i used sugar. Your thoughts guys ?
  9. datfrog

    Fermenting Slow Down

    My Brew has really slowed down fermenting after only 2 and a bit days. Mixed Saturday Night and Tuesday morning it is slowing up. The temp has been maintained between 22-26 the whole way. Should I be worried. It is my first time in 6 years so I am naturally like a proud father and probally...
  10. datfrog

    Keeping It Warm

    I purchased a kit just a week back and last had a kit 6 years ago, I live in the Barossa in SA and the cold was slowing the ferment down. I have since fitted a heater belt and it still was heading down from initial mox, I have no moved it next to my Box freezer (Not Beer Related, Std Freezer)...