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  1. yardy

    More For Sale

    FOR SALE: MicroMatic Slide On Keg Coupler + Fittings and Beer Line Andale Floryte Tap with Queensland translation on Handle (PISS) to avoid embarrassment of the poor Qld spelling I have included 3 metal logos in the sale so it can be hidden from view. $200 ono same deal as the other...
  2. yardy

    For Sale

    Andale Lucky Seven Font with two tone Shirrons and a Micromatic. included are bamboo tap handles, 4 X QD Fittings and a spare Fatlock Adaptor. $350 obo I can pack the lot in bubble wrap to send but postage costs are at buyers expense. Cheers
  3. yardy

    Entire Brewery For Sale.

    All 316 Stainless Brewstand Swagelok Fittings and 3 Piece Ball Valves (will not leak) see here Swagelok Brewery has a Stainless Heat Exchanger, 12mm inside 20mm with swagelok fittings, March Pump, MM2 Mill with Aluminium Hopper seen here Monster Mill, Pre Chiiler, 18 Gallon Kettle, 50lt HLT...
  4. yardy

    60% Phos Acid

    gday, anyone ever used a product called Super Descaler, I've come into possession of a couple of litres but the label is a little shabby, i can make out some info that says to use at 1% - 2% solution for CIP in dairies with a potable water rinse, my question is should it be a hot water rinse at...
  5. yardy

    Chinese Hops Bonanza.

    Hop Bonanza
  6. yardy

    The Bay

    will be in Hervey Bay tomorrow so looking for the heads up on a decent pub to take the family for a meal and some good beer :chug: cheers
  7. yardy

    Beerfest In Bundy

    only saw this today, any of the Bundy crowd heading out :icon_chickcheers: edit... link. http://www.news-mail.com.au/story/2011/08/...d-times-on-tap/
  8. yardy

    Camper Trailer

    G'day, I'm in the market for an off road Camper Trailer, just putting it out there, PM or post here. cheers Dave
  9. yardy

    Footy Tipping

    for any of the HBDU/AHB members that missed it, get registered, the season starts soon :icon_cheers: http://www.homebrewdownunder.com/index.php?topic=1780.0 cheers
  10. yardy

    Jz The Heretic

    wondered when this would happen http://beernews.org/2010/11/heretic-brewin...isco-next-year/
  11. yardy

    Dan In Bundy At Last

    http://www.news-mail.com.au/story/2010/10/...daberg-opening/ got me some monteiths black, white rabbit, gage roads IPA and a couple of ferals :icon_chickcheers:
  12. yardy

    Monster Mill 2 Hopper

    just a few pics of the hopper i've been knocking up the guillotine the folder cheers
  13. yardy

    Bargain Of The Week

    i've got to share this one on my weekly scabbing trip I picked up a schweppes corny keg at the local tip today, got it home and it holds pressure and has a beer out QD as well, all for $10 B) don't tell the Bundy crew though otherwise i'll be fighting them at the tip gates :P cheers Dave
  14. yardy

    Irish Lager

    g'day brewers, i brewed one of my faves, an irish red, on the weekend (big fcuking deal you say :P ) in brewing classic styles, jz mentions something about irish reds being done with either a traditional yeast or sometimes with a lager yeast, i don't have the book in front of me but it's...
  15. yardy

    36 Litre Sale

    g'day all, has anyone dealt with these guys before ? http://www.kegsonline.com.au/prod11.htm a postage calculator on the site would help.. cheers
  16. yardy

    Wort Chiller

    gday brewers, just a question on a counterflow chiller made from 12mm OD (8mm ID) stainless tube inside 25mm OD stainless tube (rolled), which diameter tube would be ideal to run the wort through, the 25mm or the 12mm ? pics available if it helps cheers Dave
  17. yardy

    Whirlpool Ic

    gday brewers, anyone here made up an immersion chiller similar to JZ's found HERE reading on other forums that a few have tried to build them but don't seem to be getting the whirlpool effect or the temp drop that that he achieves with his. ( i realise different ground water temps will effect...
  18. yardy

    Home Brew Down Under

    gday brewers, just to let you know if you haven't dropped in for awhile that the place has had a little revamp and a name change cheers Home Brew Down Under, Handcrafted Ales
  19. yardy


    g'day brewers, as the title says, anyone own or seen one of these in action ? MaltMill cheers Dave
  20. yardy

    Black Malt

    g'day brewers, i'm planning another irish red and a stout for my days off but i don't have any RB, can black malt be used in the same ratio as RB or should it be 'backed off' a little ? for instance in my irish i use about 110gm of RB, would the same qty of black malt be overpowering ? cheers...