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  1. n87

    April video meetup 19/4

    Hi All, So there was some interest in having a virtual meet, so here it goes! Now obviously we wont be able to try each others beers, or share a feed, but it is what it is, so lets make the most of it. @fungrel has been kind enough to setup a zoom meeting for us to use Zoom is free (for this...
  2. n87

    Unable to login on Firefox

    As the title says. Click on the log in, enter my details, click login, and it returns me to the home screen without logging me in, no messages or anything. have tried closing/reopening FF cleared the cache danced around the room, clockwise and anticlockwise, with and without a shirt, chanting...
  3. n87

    Should we e-meet

    With the current climate and rules around public or even private gatherings, I am asking the lovely people of the Central Coast Brewers if they would like to participate in an e-meeting via Zoom or similar. While we wont be able to share our beers with each other, having a good old chat should...
  4. n87

    The Inaugural Central Coast Case Swap 2020 [08/08/2020]

    Who’s keen for a case swap? The Central Coast Brewers are holding their first ever case swap and you have plenty of time to plan and brew your beer to join in the fun. Date Confirmed: Saturday 8th August For those of you who have not participated in a case swap, the general idea is: You...
  5. n87

    March brew meet 15/3

    Hello again! This month's meet is due to be held in the north, so if anyone up on the north side would like to host our next brew meet, please let me know Attendees: n87
  6. n87

    February Meet 16/2

    Hi All, This month we are due to take over the back room at Oldfield Cellars again for a few hours of brew related merriment. It will be held on the 16th Feb between 2 and 5pm Dont forget that we hold our brew meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month, so even if someone (we wont mention who...)...
  7. n87

    January meet 19/1

    Hi all, Hope everyone has recovered from the assault of the relatives and fires over the holidays, now it is time to meet up to eat, talk and sample beer. This month is due to be on the south side of the coast, if anyone is able or wants to host, please put your hand up. If we dont get any...
  8. n87

    Christmas meet 15/12

    With a Ho Ho Ho to all, I (finally get around to) invite you all to join me in celebrating another year of good beer and great company at Oldfield Cellars on the 15th between 2 and 5. Our regulars will be raiding their cellars to find the most tasty... and generally most alcoholic... beers they...
  9. n87

    November Meet 17/11

    Hi All, Time to converge on someone's house, drink beer and generally have a good time. this time I will be asking for volunteers from the northern side of our little coast to host. If you have the space, and are available on the 17th November between 2 and 5, please consider putting your hand...
  10. n87

    October Oktoberfest meet 20/10

    Its that time of the year again where drinking a 1L stein while wearing lederhosen in public is completely acceptable, and where we are going, encouraged. So join me and the other Central Coast Brewers in celebrating this major event on the brewing calendar by eating and drinking the best of...
  11. n87

    September meet 15/9

    Hi all, Hope everyone got spoiled, or spoiled their relative for fathers day. Time to organise the next brew meet. this time it will be at someone's house on the south side of the coast. It will be held on the 15th September between 2 and 5pm If someone in the south, or mid central coast...
  12. n87

    August meet 18/8

    Hi all, and sorry for the late posting. This month's meet is this Sunday, and being held at Oldfield Cellars between 2 and 5. I plan on getting the email out tonight. Attending: n87 Food:
  13. n87

    July meet 21/7

    Hi All, The July meet is coming up, so looking for volunteers to host this on the north side of the coast. Also dont forget that the Oktoberfest meet is coming up, make sure you have your lagers down soon so they are ready, I have a Vienna Lager in the fermenter, and I should have another...
  14. n87

    June meet 16/6

    What: Our June brew meet Where: Oldfield Cellars, 1/57 Central Coast Highway (under Red Rooster and Hungry Jacks) When: Sunday 16/6, 2-5pm Who: You! How: Note down below that you will be coming, and turn up with some of your beer and some food. Why: Because you like good beer and food...
  15. n87

    May meet 19/05

    Once again, time to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon drinking beer with friends. This time it is the south side of the Coast hosting. If there are any south siders that would like to host, please let me know by this weekend, otherwise I will put my hand up. So, who is coming? Attendees: n87
  16. n87

    April Brew Meet 28/4

    Hi all, Please accept this invitation to join with me and some friends to drink great beer, eat great food and have a generally great chat about beer (chat usually digresses into something not even beer related). This month it will be at Oldfield Cellars. So come along, bring some beer and...
  17. n87

    March Brew Meet 17/3

    Welcome again to another round drink beer and eat food monthly. This month we are opening it up to our northern comrades for hosting duties. Please let me know if you are available to host. And this month's contenders are: n87
  18. n87

    February Brew Meet 17/2

    That time again guys, Brew meet at Oldfield Cellars on Sunday the 17th between 2 and 5pm. Will be getting the email out shortly. Attendees: n87 Food:
  19. n87

    January Meet 20/1/19

    Time again for our brew meet. This month it is due to be held on the south side, so I will ask for volunteers to host. Just a standard meet this one, although we do have a couple of beers that Oldfield supplied last meet but didn't get to in time.
  20. n87

    December Christmas meet 16/12

    Hi all, Its that time of the year again: lights, singing, family and many more legitimate reasons to get out of the house to sample some world class brews with a few upstanding fellows and wofellows. This month we will celebrate what Christmas time is really about, strong, full flavoured...