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  1. MHB

    Festivus to the rest of us

    Well not being a believer in much of anything including neither Christ nor mas, Still hope everyone has a good festive season, catch up with friends and family. All the best for 2021, this one has been a bit of a bummer so the next one has a fair chance of being better. Remember half the human...
  2. MHB

    R.I.P. Bob Hawke

    Pour a glass and raise it in salute to a great Australian. Mark
  3. MHB

    Hand Pump For Sale

    Fully refurbished, Cooling Jacket, Decorative Hunting Scene Handle, 1/3 Pint Stroke Includes Drip Tray and Sparkler $250 + Postage (not more than $20 freight anywhere in Australia) PM me Mark
  4. MHB

    Foam On Beer

    I will be doing a talk on foam on beer at the next club meeting Friday 18/08/17 Looking at what builds a good head on a beer, how to fix common problems with too little or too much foam. Text will be posted here after the meeting If you aren't a club member you are still welcome to come along...
  5. MHB

    Aussie - winning preformance at Eurovision

    LOL, well some people do take Eurovision a bit too seriously Or if you like moving pictures Mark
  6. MHB

    Hunter Water

    Just started a new topic in HUB club thread on Hunter Water, if you are from the Hunter and don't follow the HUB club thread it might be worth a look. Mark
  7. MHB

    Hunter Water

    Delivered a talk on water at last nights club meeting (18/11/2016). It isn't really meant to be a detailed analysis of Hunter water, more an introduction to what we get and how to get the most out of it. Notes Map of delivery zones, Work out which water you are getting Typical Analysis, Find...
  8. MHB

    Servicing Australian Keg Posts

    Step one is to remove the post from the keg, this one is one I have had sitting in my spares box for a couple of years, it would have been tossed in there and replaced with one that wasn’t leaking. The 2 and 3 pin Australian posts are exactly the same inside as the Australian ball lock posts and...
  9. MHB

    Free Freight To Nationals

    As usual anyone who has qualified for the nationals, if you get your entries in to the shop by 08/10/2012 we will freight then for you. It was good to see so many Hunter Brewers do so well at the State comp, good luck to you all in the Nationals. MHB
  10. MHB

    On In Newcastle

    Just a heads up for the Newcastle beer lovers This is the list of upcoming on tap beers at the Albion Hotel, a mate of mine is importing some really obscure Belgians and his first shipment of Troubadour in kegs just arrived. In spite of what the list says the Blond is going on this week, when we...
  11. MHB

    MHB - Xmas Drinks Pancake Saturday

    Well the end of the year is almost on us. As usual there will be some beers on tap Christmas Eve, but this year with a difference - we are doing breakfast. Pancakes with Belgian Candi syrup, a touch of fresh ground cinnamon, a bit of banana maybe the odd strawberry and a keg of Klsch to help it...
  12. MHB

    Newcastle Beer Dinner With Dr Tim Cooper

    Newcastle Beer Dinner with Dr Tim Cooper 6 Beers and a 5 course dinner with Dr Tim Cooper Among home brewers Coopers are one of the legendry names in the industry, so apart from having a good feed and way too much good beer, here is your chance to put your questions to the man who knows all the...
  13. MHB

    Hag - Beer And A Bite

    Beer and a Bite To all Hunter Brewers out there, just a quick reminder that there will be some beers and a bite on at the shop from 1PM Xmas Eve. Please think before you drink! If you are having more than one or two don't plan on driving. Should have a couple of very nice beers Keith and Shawn...
  14. MHB

    Last Years Coopers Vintage On Tap

    Just had the bar manager from the Delaney Hotel in, they have just finished a bunch of renovations and have put a couple of kegs of Last Year's Coopers Vintage on Tap, so this is 09 Vintage with nearly an extra year in the cellar. Enjoy, I know I will be. MHB
  15. MHB

    Coles And Bi-lo Delete Home Brew

    News that might affect many of you, it appears that Coles/Bi-Lo are deleting their entire home brew range. Coopers response to club members who have enquired goes like this (I've just saved the text) And there is discussion on the Coopers Website MHB
  16. MHB

    Coopers Dinner At Silo Restaurant 26 March, Newcastle Foreshore

    Coopers Dinner at Silo Restaurant 26 March, Newcastle Foreshore The guest is Glenn Cooper who's the director of a well known little brewery in Adelaide, goss is that if this dinner is well attended next time we might be getting Tim Cooper who has something to do with the brewing side of the...
  17. MHB


    Calibration This is a warning As a retailer we dont just sell stuff; we get to hear everyones problems and try to fix them. There have been lots of guys coming in with beers they arent happy with; the cause of the problems has been errors in the mashing temperature. With more and more people...
  18. MHB

    Hags Christmas Eve Drinks

    Im shutting the shop and putting a couple of kegs from noon Christmas Eve; there are a couple of beers by Keith at Potters, one of mine (Heffe), a very nice Porter, hopefully one from Murrays and some other odds and sods. The obligatory crackers, cheese and dips will be provided to help slow...
  19. MHB

    Hag - Baltic Porter Disincantation

    Just a heads up for any Hunter All Grain brewers The Baltic Porter Disincantation is on Sunday, the following is a copy of the email sent out to most locals, just in case anyone slipped through the cracks. EDIT Posting while drinking, Aromatic not Victory, i blame the alcohol. M
  20. MHB

    2009 Aib Results

    Nice to see some locals getings Gongs. Results AIB 2009 Have to try to track down some of those Feral beers MHB