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  1. archimedes24

    Good Heavens...what Have I Done?!?

    Hey Ross, Thanks. Okay, well, that confirms it. She'll get a few more days, and hydrometer readings, bottle as normal... <Sharp salute> Appreciate the input!
  2. archimedes24

    Good Heavens...what Have I Done?!?

    Hey Roach, Thanks for the quick reply. Temp at yeast pitch was 24C. Since then it's been pretty stable at 20 or 22. I agree, it's not the best idea to go sticking your head in your brew...but I was getting desperate! I'll give it another few days and see what happens. As for drinking it...
  3. archimedes24

    Good Heavens...what Have I Done?!?

    I'm sorry to add another, "What should I do guys" e-mail...but I'm a bit worried about this last batch. Coopers Canadian Blond Kit .5kg LME .5kg Dextrose Safale s-04 yeast. Dissolved fermentables into boiling water in a pot. Added kit. Mixed well. Poured all into (what I thought was) a thrice...
  4. archimedes24

    Yeast Recommendation For Canadian Blond?

    I want to get a decent yeast for my next batch of brew. Going to make a Coopers Canadian Blond kit tomorrow. Can anyone recommend a good yeast (Brand, liquid or dry, style<ale, lager, etc.>) for this? I don't want to use the stuff under the lid... <_< For my fermentables, I'm planning on using...
  5. archimedes24

    Grain In West Melbourne

    Hi Andrew, Well, there are any number of HBS in Melbourne...but how far do you want to drive to get there? I'm assuming however far you can get with the $20 of savings you'd pour into petrol?!? All I can tell you is to call around. I'm not up to AG yet, but I can tell you fairly confidently...
  6. archimedes24

    Mega Store Price Comparisons

    Oh...and I should add, I don't work for any of the four stores I mentioned. Just in case anyone was wondering...
  7. archimedes24

    Mega Store Price Comparisons

    My tiny dinosaur brain couldn't remember who was cheapest for what kits & ingredients. As I'm a lowly kit brewer, and prefer all things Cooper, I did some Coopers biased market research @ a big mall near work (E. Melbourne). Prices were gathered today... (16Sept05) Pardon my craptacular ASCII...
  8. archimedes24

    Hangover Ratings

    Only had a few real bad episodes in my life. Worst one was in uni. Two one litre bottles of Bacardi mixed decreasingly (first it was 50/50, by the end, it was just drops for "color"). Pile in a whole pizza and a dozen spicy chicken wings. Stir liberally... Last thing I remember was going up...
  9. archimedes24

    Shopping Around

    Hey "bud..." That's the one! Tell 'em I sent ya... :P
  10. archimedes24

    Shopping Around

    I sort of see it both ways. Typically, a chain store is going to be able to offer extract kits cheaper b/c they're (typically) moving so much more of the stuff. The above applies to freshness as well. Faster out the door, the faster a fresh can comes in. OTOH, my first trip to my now favorite...
  11. archimedes24

    Certainly Not The "key" To A Good Brew....

    Reminds me of the sidebar in John Palmer's chapter on fermenting when a friend of his discovered his 3 year old had been helpfully dropping pencils and crayons into his fermenter.... Don't think there's any saving "Crayola Brew" ;)
  12. archimedes24

    Kits @ Lhbs Past Expiry Date

    Thanks all, As I tend to shy away from the darker beers, I think I'll just stick to fresh ingredients for my pale ales and lagers... If I ever step up to yeast starters I'll keep the advice in mind. Right now I'm doing A-okay w/ my fresh Safale S-04...."Pitch and Go!" I haven't quite grasped...
  13. archimedes24

    Kits @ Lhbs Past Expiry Date

    So, I rock up to the LHBS for some bits and pieces for my next brew. Bloke behind the counter is very patient, we chat for a good 20 minutes or so. I start poking around the shelves and shelves of extract kits (drool...I never knew there were so many!) and notice a big Sale sign. You beauty...
  14. archimedes24

    Racking Cider

    Sorry, forgot to add, when you're saying "warm" what range do you recommend?
  15. archimedes24

    Racking Cider

    My question is; do you *have* to rack cider the same way you would w/ a beer? I've just racked my second brew ever, and while I'm waiting for a couple of weeks for it to settle out I figured I'd throw a cider kit in the fermenter. I know the point is to try and get the brew off the sediment, but...
  16. archimedes24

    2 Tins Of Coopers Ingredients, Nothing More.

    Hey Fingerlickin, Have you racked your 2 can screamer yet? What sort of readings were you getting w/ your hydrometer? I'm interested to hear how your 2 cans PLUS brown sugar turns out. A
  17. archimedes24

    Beer Train Derailment

    Hey Doc, I'll be there in October, want me to bring you a crate back? Might be able to find some..."real cheap". :ph34r: A
  18. archimedes24

    1l Swing Top Bottles

    I bought a few of the 1L bottles, and a bunch of replacement Grolsch seals. In another few weeks, I'll try bottling in a few of these w/ 1 and 2 seals replaced, trying to increase the amount of sealing force, reducing any leakage. If you're looking for opaque flip top bottles, check a catering...
  19. archimedes24

    Racking Temp

    Hi Stebas, Don't know about stackable (will try later tonight) but I just bought two 10L plastic jerry cans from Bunnings last week for secondary fermentation. They have removeable taps (can be replaced w/ a screw in bung, which is also included). I had to modify them slightly to include a...
  20. archimedes24

    2 Tins Of Coopers Ingredients, Nothing More.

    Hey KitchBit<h, did you ever brew your 2 can screamer? How'd it go? Did you add one sachet of yeast, or both of 'em?