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  1. humulus

    Who Got Beer Off Their Kids For Fathers Day?

    3 Leffes,3Chimays,Kwark,La Choffee and a Duvel pretty happy! Cheers to my young fella Stu and his Mum(who bought them) :icon_chickcheers:
  2. humulus

    Belgian Question

    A question for the more experienced Belgian brewers. Brewed a belgian Tripple today ended up with a O.G. of 1083..my question is should i pitch 3 packs of T-58 or i have just found in the brew fridge a still in date smack pack of 3655 schelde!!! opinions please going to pitch tomorrow p.s. how...
  3. humulus

    Stainless Braided Hoses

    Has anyone used the 1/2inch flexi stainless braided hose to transfer boiling/near boiling wort??? Id want to use it between my kettle and counterflow chiller,at the moment its a ridgid connection and id like a flexi one so there is less stress on my kettle tap,just wondering if it you get any...
  4. humulus

    Muntons Malts

    My LHBS is now stocking Muntons grains,has anybody used them and if so what do you reckon??? I think hes selling them for around the same price as 25kg of Joe White Thanks for your thoughts :beer:
  5. humulus

    Le Trappe

    Just swung by the local Dans,saw a 4 pack of "Le Trappe" with a glass for $28..................gotta wait until pay day! :angry:
  6. humulus

    Caramel Rye

    Ok ive got some caramel rye i wanna use! Ive got 5kg of it....... recipe ideas anyone????????? its got me buggered!!! Thanks in advance got a spare day to brew tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. humulus

    500ml Flasks To Trade!

    Ive got 2 elenmeyer style flasks(there borsilicate) which id like to trade for a 1l flask!! :icon_cheers: Glenn
  8. humulus

    Which Wyeast?

    Brewers i want to make a few defferent english styles,and im after some advice on what peoples favorite English yeast strain is and what style they use it for??,Ive already got 1469 Also peoples thoughts on an American one,or is good ole US-05 the staple!!?? cheers
  9. humulus

    Farmhouse Ale Yeast

    O.k heres the story,ive got Tonys saison fermenting away with Wyeast Farmhouse ale O.G. was 1044,after 6days at 27dg its down to 1011 been steady for about 2days,do i give it a few more days? Or rack it off? It tastes bloody beautiful out of the hydro tube! Number two does anyone reuse this...
  10. humulus

    How Crap Is Crown!

    Went down the coast to the olds with SWAMBO and the young fella,my party kegs were M/T so all Dad had was crown,jesus was it shit! Its been a few years since ive had a "crownie"it definately hasent improved its got bloody worse! At home now having a S/N Torpedo chalk and bloody cheese...
  11. humulus

    How Long On Stir Plate?

    Doing my virgin starter on my stir plate(1st time use too!),done all by the book i hope,2l of 1040ish wort cooled too pitching temp,around 30ml of 2nd gen 1469 was pitched into the wort and put on the stir plate (works like a trooper and cost under $20 to build!) Question is how long do i leave...
  12. humulus

    Caramel Rye

    Brewers scored 5kgs of Caramel Rye,and i was hoping for some ideas as to what style and grist ratio to use,i usually do 20l batches,i have never used rye but keen to try something. cheers :icon_chickcheers:
  13. humulus

    Happy New Year Ahbers!

    Happy New year AHBers Its a bit early but we have a 2y.o. birthday at lunch and that continues into N.Y.E. so i dont think ill be able to type later in the day :icon_drunk: What are people drinking this arvo/tonight ive got 18l keg of checz pilz and a 9l of Antwerp ale! Hava good one from...
  14. humulus

    Where Are Your Kids!

    OK,my mate popped around for a few xmas drinks this arvo with his SWAMBO and young bloke,also bought 5kgs of grain to crack. We had a few beers cracked the grain left it in the bucket,sparked the BBQ up had dinner.Half way through it my young fella and my mates young fella vanished..only to show...
  15. humulus

    Raw Wheat

    I scored some A-grade raw wheat from a flour mill near where i work, is this the same wheat that we get from G&G or C.B.? I want to use it in my wit beers if its no good its off to the neighbours chooks!!
  16. humulus

    Citra Hops

    I see Niko has citra on special for "black friday"in the U.S. whatever that is?! $30 for one lb i recently ordered 4lb of assorted hops and postage was $14 not a bad rate! :beer:
  17. humulus

    Cleaning A Braumeister

    OK ive done about 15+ brews on my braumeister,cleaned as per instruction,but im getting a tarnish on the inside and on the element and i dont want too use anything abrasive to try clean it! Has anyone else had and or solved this? Cheers Glenn
  18. humulus

    Whats Your Fav American Hops?

    Ok ive narrowed it down to Amerillo,Cascade and Northern Brewer going to order some from hops direct and there is room for 2 more 1lb packets,any suggestions? cheers :icon_chickcheers:
  19. humulus

    1469 Ferment Temp

    Just brewing the good Dr S Landlord and i now have a fermentaion fridge!!!(finally) So now i can control my temp,what is the ideal temp for the 1469/landlord?? cheers
  20. humulus

    Slab Round2

    Thanks for coming boys top arvo!!!!!little bit dusty this morning :wacko: Whens the next meet?