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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    ...I think it was "the great beer-strike of '78" here in the home of XXXX.... the highway south musta bin end-to-end semi's of cartoned beer! It came from everywhere.. brands I'd never heard of.. but the worst, undrinkable, was "Southwark" -from SA I think it was. ...the drop I found...
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Heheh, well Indy.. I haven't seen the inside of a church in 24yrs, and intend not to... and I haven't had a drink in a pub for about 3 years, at a guess.... but I wouldn't rule that one out in future :D
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    Introduce Yourself.

    mmmm.. I'm "Russ" tho' I've been called other things :P I'm currently an invalid pensioner.. but like Dr Who I've had several other incarnations... By occupation the main ones have been in telecoms, and printing/binding. I had a period of uni and then being a "starving artist" between...
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    Coopers Starter Kit

    hehe.. i've got 5 of 'em somewhere... never even looked at'em.... mebe I oughta dust-off the old vcr and take a look for the giggle-factor :P
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    Success With Sake

    sake' links ;) www.geocities.co.jp/Foodpia/1751/sake.html www.media-akita.or.jp/akita-sake/akita-sakeE.html www.tibbs-vision.com/sake/index.html www.tibbs-vision.com/sake/moto2.html www.tibbs-vision.com/sake/instrct.html that oughta getya goin... the koji order site is Oz-based.. WA in...
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    Chocolate Cream Stout Cake

    Doc, your wife must be THE "beer widow"! ...God help her if she's a tee-totaller ...surely the kids must think Santa's helpers are named Fuggles and Golding and Saaz and Blitzen! (I think that last one is a little known Czech hop from before the war ;) ) does your car run on beer yet...
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    To Those Using Liquid Yeast

    thanks Jazzman.. have you used'em yourself? I'll go have a look :)
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    Aussiehomebrewer Gear

    hehehhe.. PoMo I plagiarised the slogan from amongst the memories I have of some 30-odd yrs ago___ and yes, I CAN remember a lot of it..... it's yesterday that I can't recall :P if you weren't such a "thoroughly modern Minnn" youd've realised that war is ALWAYS "topical", and always has...
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    To Those Using Liquid Yeast

    :D thanks guys.. especially for the link Reg, cheers!
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    To Those Using Liquid Yeast

    I don't think my local HBS has any, nor have I seen any in my travels ...and now that I'm gettin' closer to doin' some unfettered brewin'.. well, why not dabble! .... it just occured to me... like gardeners swapping cuttings... swapping bottles of brew (containing live yeast) could be...
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    IMPORTANT : Cookie Issues?

    whatever u did, no probs now :)
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    This is What Annoys Me

    quote fiscus; "Lets try to keep the personal attacks out of the discussions and keep it to what we are all here for : BEER!" AGREED! ...no calling beginners "dickwads" because they are starting with a basic kit without all the 'prize-winning' specialties. .....remember that we here are "the...
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    Sterilizing plastic PET bottles

    I was using 'Milton' babies-bottle steriliser.... (got funny looks in the supermarket... :P ) .....until I saw others mention using bleach, so I checked it out..... it's the exact same stuff only in higher concentration and a 1/10th of the price/ltr !! as grumps2002 says, just soak'em...
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    caramel beer

    I've had a coupla brews where I've slightly caramellised the dextrose dissolving it over too hot &/or for too long......it gave a good result adding to the malty richness of the taste. I think it could be overdone and get into a sickly-sweet. I'm assuming that once caramellised the sugar is...
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    This is What Annoys Me

    ....it seems to take a certain personality type to run a brew shop.... I've found every one I've been to has prejudices and arrogance beyond belief! They all damn anything new to their ears and claim to have possession of the only true and ultimate brewing knowledge. ....of course they...
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    ..."the go.." ??? ....umm what kinda info u thinkin of? glass/plastic, size/price, where do u get'm, ...... ?? basically "the go" is to fill'em with 'wort'n yeast, fit airlock n let'em rip!! :P but I assume you do have some as yet unanswered questions ..... please be a bit more...
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    a "me too" here as well :D Vinds, why didn't u think of this already? :P (I did notice u were about the first to jump in n support this great idea tho :D ) ...hopefully soon I'll be back into full production, but the heat of summer now, after moving house and some minor disasters has left...