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    Drilling Stainless Steel

    Cobalt drill bits/holesaws are the way to go with stainless steel. You want to go as slow as possible with as much pressure as you can put on. And use lotsa cutting oil or similar. If things start getting hot, stop for a break. As it's the heat the hardens the SS.
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    Brew Rig Options

    Nasty to keep clean though. Have you seen this article: http://blogs.homebrewtalk.com/Brewpastor/J...le_for_Zymurgy/
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    Brew Rig Options

    I don't have the space for a cool room. And already have some gear I can use for doing the liquid cooling. So jacketing is really the only option at the moment.
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    Brew Rig Options

    Yeah, I'm interested... How will you do the jacketing? One conical inside another i guess?
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    Brew Rig Options

    Cool stuff! Where did you get to with the fermenters? My dream is to have a 100L jacketed conical or two ;-)
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    Glass Door Commercial Fridge

    I wouldn't recommend messing with the glass door. As they are usually double glass with a vacuum in between. So cutting it will likely cause it to shatter or just fall to bits when you try and mount the taps solidly. Also the other reason they are double glass vacuum sealed is for better...
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    Where To Get 100 Litre Ss Pots

    Haha, Actually built most of this nearly 2 yrs ago... mostly inspired by stuff here and morebeer.com :D FYI, I drilled all the holes in the pots for the taps/thermometers/thermo wells/heat exchanger then took it to a pro tig welder in Dandenong(Melb) and got them to weld in the SS threaded...
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    Where To Get 100 Litre Ss Pots

    Thanks! I set this up a while back. But the sight glasses sit between the pot and tap using an adaptor. The down side of this that the sight glass is not accurate when the tap is open :-( If can get motivated to drill a new hole and take my pots to the welding shop again I'll move it. BTW...
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    Where To Get 100 Litre Ss Pots

    I have the 98L Robinox SS pots from allQuip and they're top quality. The base is nice and heavy for good even heat. Dimentions are aprox, 50cm x 50cm.
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    Grunt From Your Burner

    Have the same thing here, using a normal low pressue reg, works great for big 80L+ boils!
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    Liquid Yeast First Timer

    I have used liquid yeast without a starter many times and not run into trouble. If you don't have time to plan your brewing day so far ahead, it will work. Couple of tips for a first timer are to make sure you actually pop the nutrient pack inside! As the first time I used liquid yeat I was...
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    Steam Cleaner

    Anyone know if those Bernzomatic oxygen cylinders are available in Aus? I've seen propane and MAPP one at Bunnings, but not oxygen.
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    Red Hill Brewery

    Interesting, from what I gathered from the unfriendly brewer, the beers on tap which I had would have been force carbonated in the keg VS the bottled which would be naturally carbonated in the bottle. Regardless, it's pretty shit that you get under-carbonated beer for the price they charge...
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    Red Hill Brewery

    Hey there, I visited the Red Hill brewery over the easter weekend with a bunch of mates who like beer but are not hard core AG brewers like me. From my perspective it was both good and bad. The Good was the beer! Which is important. And the bar girls were professional and friendly. The Bad...
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    Squat 23 And 12 Litre Kegs

    Looks interesting! How much are they? and do G&g have them in stock? Might pay them a visit tomorrow...
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    Robinox 36l - Any Experiences?

    The Robinox SS pots have a very thick base, I think it's actually got a block of copper encased in the SS bottom to distribute the heat and avoiding scorching.
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    Found Some Pots- Good Buy?

    Indeed, I use one of these 98L SS pots for a boiler, has an awesome heavy base for heat distribution. So you'd be mad to pay $600 for anything that size.
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    Kolsch Taste

    Hey, Done a couple of Kolsch which have turned out great. I've used a lot more wheat though... like 1kg + 4kg pilsner and Wyeast Kolsch. I tested the keg after 2 weeks of lagering, but it was noticably better after 4 weeks.
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    The Brewery

    Sounds interesting! Got any pics for us? I'd like to have something that can ferment lagers with out having to fit in a fridge!
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    My New Brewstand Is Nearly Alive!

    nice work.... minor issue with the pump, according to the instructions you need to mount the horizontally or the oil will leak out of the bearings and cook it. If you look closely you can see two oil holes on the cylindrical part, they need to face up.