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    Bar For Sale

    Anyone wanting a freestanding bar in Adelaide look at the link. If it doesnt work just look at gumtree. Listed in the last few minutes Cheers BDB PS not mine, just trying to be helpful http://adelaide.gumtree.com.au/c-Stuff-for...QAdIdZ331976713
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    Chappo's Daily Posts

    OMG, Chappo you are a chatty little brewer arnet you!! I just noticed you have clocked up 11.36 posts per day! I think thats my total for the whole year. In fact can you come over and chat to my wife, I think youd give her a run for her money!! :beer: So does anyone have a higher post...
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    For Sale

    Hi All, I have a Firestone keg which I believe is 20ltrs with Pinlock connectors - I'm not sure if you can change the posts to ball lock or not. I also have a single snaplock fitting with the non return valve etc Make me a reasonable offer. Sorry but as Im very busy before I move Id prefer...
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    Birko Urns + 1

    Hi All, As Im moving I need to sell some of my gear. I have 2 X urns that I want to sell. The first is a nice shinny 30 ltr Birko. It has a sight tube but the power cord was cut off at the junk yard so I have no idea if the element works. Please note that the top rim is slightly dented and...
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    C02 Bottle Full

    Hi All, As Im moving I need to sell some of my gear. I have a 1 kg C02 bottle for sale. This is a legal bottle that can be refilled. Here in Adelaide its $10 to refill and the guy that fills them also can re check the bottle. As I had a second bottle this bottle has all the gas it had when last...
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    Beer Temprite

    Hi All, As Im moving and I need to sell some of my gear. I have a temprite that is in good working order. It was from a restaurant and obviously is not new. I have used the unit to run a twin tap font as well as mounting snaplock connectors directly to the front to use my ventmatics. I have...
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    Getting Out Of Brewing Sale!

    Hi All, Well I am moving from SA to QLD and considering how much my brewing has been wound back over the last few years Im going to clear out the goodies and re start the brewery when I return to SA in a few years. I'd love to take it with me but space is hard to find for the move, cant take...
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    Bought a carton of beer to day and thought Id get a JSGA. Its been awhile since I last bought some but I was very surprised at the lack of flavour. Have others found this and when did it happen? Cheers BDB
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    Hi all, I have been asked to take over operations for our QLD branch. What I was wondering is what is a good location if I was to accept. I was considering both Brisbane and the coast. What I wanted to know is which the good suburbs with good facilities are and what sort of rent it would be for...
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    Bottles For The Cost Of The Deposit

    Hi All, I have 228 (19 Doz) bottles that I need to clear out. The majority are the old pickaxe (375 mls) with a couple of cartons of green 330mls. All are crown seal. The pickaxe bottle had off beer in them until last weekend so they would be easy to clean. As the Kids get the cash for all...
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    Favourite Foods From Around The World

    Hi All, I do a lot of fundraising for children and I get asked to run different functions from which I raise money for the kids. I have been asked to co ordinate the catering for a large themed evening meal / cocktail style food (500 people). They want to have traditional food from all over the...
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    Where Are The Good Spots In Brisbane?

    Hi all, I'm in QLD for work from tomorrow and I should (but knowing my work that will get pushed to some god-awful time) be finished on the G/Coast around lunchtime Thursday leaving me the arvo to make my way to a hotel near the airport for an early flight out on Friday. What / where are the...
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    Fermenting In A Corelius Keg

    Hi All, I spotted this today Click Here At first I thought this was pointless but the more I thought about it the more sense it made to have a closed system that beer can be transferred from and to without being exposed to O2. Here are some of their Q&A's Click Here What are your thoughts...
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    Snpa Clone

    Im looking at brewing the much talked about (on their site - northern brewer) SNPA clone from beerfun. Im happy to try it as its recommended however it calls for Magnum and Pearle hops and while I can find some Pearle around OZ Im struggling to find magnum. Question, who do you know that has...
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    Now This Is A Xmas Tree

    My Kind of Xmas Tree BDB
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    Hop Utilization

    Hi All, I usually boil all my malt extract in 15 litres adding hops etc however I wanted to not boil my extract for a few brews so I was wondering what the relationship is for hop utilization in relation to the amout of malt in the boil? In the extreme, what result would I get from a 60 min...
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    Whats This Hole For?

    Hi all, I have this spare corny lid but unlike my others it has a second hole adjacent the relief valve that while threaded is currently unused hence it would not hold gas. What is it for? Cheers BDB
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    Eagle Blue Anyone?

    Hi All, Many years ago (the last GP race in Adelaide) I scored 10 dozen eagle blue bottles that weren't consumed during the race (not surprising!) Anyway in preference to knocking the tops off and rinsing them I have left them in the "6 pack" plastic until I needed them. I now keg and Im left...
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    My Bar

    Hi Guys, I have a party on tonight and thought it was the perfect opportunity ( and a good reason to pull my finger out) and get my bar / keg setup working. Now that Ross has set the "bar" so high I figure I will go for the quickest but effective bar setup. Scrounged some facia from the...
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    Temprite Vs Fridge For Chilling

    Hi All, I am about to put an extension on my house in which I am intending to include a bar and switch to kegging. I have already purchased a temprite (and the rest of the Stuff) but since reading a few recent posts I am wondering if I would be better to move to a under bench freezer instead...