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    Keg fail?

    I know this is of no use to you now, but for anyone else reading this thread it is worth filling the keg with water before you start cutting. Any slag, grinding sparks, etc cool before they hit the walls of the keg and don't stick and won't cause future rust propagation sites. Obviously the...
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    Blood everywhere .. The bottle went BANG

    Take the free brew and then put one on the manager's desk as a "present" and ask him to leave it there for 6 months to condition before drinking. You'll quickly find out how well he trusts his processes!!
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    10 minute IPAs are good for school night brewing

    Sick kid brew days are always great, although my last one had a few issues. Daughter pokes head out of door, "Dad I'm not feeling good". Vomits on the dog. Dog shakes herself off all over brewery, side of house, daughter and me. Luckily the lid was on the brauclone during the mash so no added...
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    Braumeister NEXTGEN Build

    Arvo Easydoesit, Having to run off memory here as my notes are at home and I haven't brewed since a big Xmas run in late November. With a single BigW pot (19L) as my malt pipe I can get just over 6kg of grain in there with no issues and normally work on 80 - 85% mash efficiency depending on the...
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    Hop Plants Leaves not looking healthy - Help please...

    I thought mosaic virus only affected cucumbers, squash, melons etc, but I could be wrong. If hops do get it there's not much you can do about it except pull the affected ones out, but I'd do some research first. I get a similar edge issue on my hop leaves where they bang into each other in the...
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    the control of controls Mathos control

    Arvo Caveman, I know how you feel. I just finished building my third unit for mates and had a random flickering on the screen between the actual temp and the 4095 max temp. I'd used 5 core wire on my first two builds to run the pump and probe in one plug and on the third the lack of shielding...
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    Will Magnetic drive pumps freewheel?

    Martin, is there any reason why you can't put a T on the inlet side to the pump so that you can gravity drain past the pump without having to drain through it? I have a similar set-up on my Braumeister clone so that I can easily drain at the end of the brew.
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    Will Magnetic drive pumps freewheel?

    I use LBP's on my brau clone and sous vide unit and they don't freewheel easily. They appear to kick from one pole to the next when you turn them, but as Camo6 mentioned they do allow some flow past them. I believe the Kaixin style "magnetic drive" pumps work more like a traditional pump with...
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    WTB 4 outlet flooded Font

    A flooded font has a couple of extra lines in it so you can run chilled water or glycol through it to keep the whole font cold. ie get that frosted or covered in condensation look. Cheers, BB
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    Can i do every thing in my big w pot?

    I've posted it before somewhere, but I did a side by side with the first 5L of a 30L batch in one jar/fermenter and the last 5L plus trub (hops removed with bags and I always skim off as much break material during the boil as possible) in the other and the remaining wort in a larger fermenter as...
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    Font cleaning and maintenance

    Good find. I picked up two of those a while back from a local pub, but I've only got the standard Brumby taps on them rather than the Floryte's. You're right about the other pipes. Just hose clamps as it's low pressure just for recirculating whatever cooling fluid you want to run. If you...
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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    I got the "Oh, by the way this turned up in the mail for you the other day" this morning. Two kits intact, so time to get my solder on!! Cheers again Lael.
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    Matho's controller

    Cheers for the tip Shmang. I'll see if that helps fix the problem. Lael, you'll be surprised at the taper on the pots. A pot in a pot only gets you an extra 100mm with them pushed together. I've bolted through in four places with 6mm bolts and washers inside and out and it easily lifts the...
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    Matho's controller

    Lael, it's just a second bigW pot pushed inside the first to pick up about an extra 100mm of malt pipe height. I think I can get just under 10kg in there, but haven't tried or had the need yet to max it out. The bottom of the extension is cut totally off probably in a similar way to the...
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    Matho's controller

    Lael, some old photos of the 3kW unit are in my profile gallery, but I hadn't built the second rig at that point. The second unit only has a 2kW element in it so I can run it inside as a sous vide. The control box is built into the trolley for the main unit and the secondary unit is in a...
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    Kegged for the first time

    I don't know about you, but I struggle driving home after a growler of a Belgian Dubbel!! Grolsch bottles all the way here for the keg overflow. Mini Growler if you may??
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    Kegged for the first time

    Oh, you're on a slippery slope now!! Kegs breed once you've got them and sooner or later you're mortgaging your house just to buy the latest and greatest (insert brand/tap number here) to add to your 6 or more keg system to get that same variety you had in bottled beer. Nothing wrong with 6...
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    Matho's controller

    Still OT!! Any tips?? Every forum I've read, some have got it to work and others (like me) do the same thing and struggle. Even the Arduino site doesn't recommend Win8 yet. At the moment it's only a minor issue that I can work around by pausing and using the manual mode and then going back to...
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    Matho's controller

    Lael, yeah I use one for a HLT to get sparge water to temp while the other one is mashing. I then lift the malt pipe, let it drain and then transfer it across to the "sparge meister'' for a recirculated sparge while the main pot is coming to the boil. I then pump from one to the other for a...
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    Matho's controller

    @ Lael - great idea with the cider. I'm already using the unit as a sous vide, but hadn't thought about bottling early, allow to carb and then pasteurising. Also agree with the quick temp adjust based on button hold time. @ MastersBrewery - I was going to do exactly the same thing for...