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    Kegged beer went off ?

    Hi Guys, I've only been kegging for a while, but have just had an odd case of beer going off in the keg. I brewed an IPA and popped it in the keg 5 days ago.Force carbonated for 2 days. On the 3rd day it tasted great. On the 4th day it was still great. On the 5th day it tastes and smells like...
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    Re: Seppelts Drumborg Ale recipe ?

    Hi Guys, I had one of these at the Seppelt cellar door this week and it was very tasty. Thinking I'd like to brew up something similar myself. Anyone got anything (recipe) that might give me a good starting point using extracts and steeping ? Brewed with Maris Otter ale malt and some...
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    Pumpkin Ale Recipe Check please

    Hi Guys, I've had a bad experience with a recipe from "Homebrew" magazine so this time I thought I'd check with the experts before committing. My recent bad experience was a recipe with very incorrect malt amounts and this next one I plan to do has a fair bit of sugars again (4.3kg total) so I...
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    Re: HEFE lots of malt? Ferment time?

    Hi Guys, I put down brew number 37 a few weeks ago and its the first Wheat Beer I've made (been doing kits, extracts & spec grains). Its been in the fermenter now for 10 days and the airlock is still bubbling every 15 secs or so (ferment temp is about 20-22deg C) Now given the amount of malt...
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    Oatmeal Ale ?

    Have just had a "WHOA - Wet Hopped Oatmeal Ale" Limited Release from Grand Ridge Brewery. It was very different and interesting and appealed to me with it's "oatmeal" aroma and mouthfeel. Thought I'd look for an extract recipe for Oatmeal Ales and couldn't find anything. Plenty of darker ales...
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    2 Brothers GROWLER Amercian Brown Ale recipe

    Had a few Growlers from the Eltham pub the other night and I'd like to see if anyone had an extract clone recipe ? Its an Amercian Brown Ale. Cheers, Andrew
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    Red IPA recipe ?

    Hi All, I had a pint of the new Little Creatures Single Batchg Shepherds Delight the other day and yeah ! I like it ! It's called a Red IPA but I can't seem to find much on them let alone a K&K (with additions) recipe. Anyone got something like it ? (have done 24 brews & hop scheds, and steeping...
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    Nine Tales K&K recipe

    Does anyone have a k&k recipe for a Nine Tales amber ale ? I can't seem to find one by searching the forums. Cheers, Andrew
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    Stalled Or Finished ?

    Hi Guys, I've done 17 brews so far and have now had one I'm not sure of. I can't work out if it's stalled or finished. It's a LCPA I've done before, but this one has 300g more sugars in it. The last time i did it the SG was 1048 and the FG was 1010. The brew has a SG of 1051 (probably due to the...
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    Oak Chips Usage ?

    Hi Guys, About to brew a Big Island IPA and the recipe says 28g Oak Chips (dry @ ferment). I take it that this is not "dry hop @ 0mins" type addition, more that it is "dry @ 3days" ? Am i correct in this ? Cheers, Andrew
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    Oak Chips Usage ?

    Hi Guys, I'm just about to use some oak chips for the first time and am wondering - They're pretty fine (toasted american oak), do they just sink to the trub or sit on top of the brew. ie do i need to bother bagging them or just chuck em in. I normally just bottle from the primary and not that...
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    Wicked Elf Pale Ale Recipe ?

    Hi All, I had a Wicked Elf Pale Ale from The Little Brewing Company in Port Maquarie the other day and it was REALLY nice. I was wondering if anyone has a extract recipe (or similar) for one of these ? I'd like to give it a crack. Thanks, Andrew _______________________________ Currently...
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    Does Honey Cause Bottle Bombs?

    I'm about to brew a wheat beer with honey (ie quasi Beez Neez) and have read that using honey in the brew then bottling into stubbies with carb drops can cause bottle bombs. Is this true ? If so should I use only 1/2 a carb drop when bottling ? Cheers, Andrew
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    No Airlock Activity But Bubbles On Wort?

    Hi Guys, I need advice on a new fermenter/brew. My 5th batch brewed so relatively new at this (first 4 were really good). I bought myself another (2nd - more beer is better right ;-)) fermenter (Bunnings 30L cube), fitted an S-Bend airlock and made up the following brew : LCPA Clone (1 of the...
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    Newbie-pale Ale, Amber Ale Or Bock Lager

    Hi Guys, I'm about to have a go at my first time brewing. Got a beginners kit with Coopers Heritage Lager in it. I was hoping to go for Ales as it's easier for me to sit the fermenter in the kitchen where it's always around 17 to 20 degrees. It'd be harder for me to achieve the 10 to 14 degrees...