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    Just wondering what wattage does everyone mash at? I was mashing at 1000 to 1200 and now hear of people mashing at 200w. Thoughts?
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    Bar fridge for 50l keg?

    I think the problem will be that bar fridges usually have that little hump at the base where the compressor sits, so you wont have the floor space. If you built a shelf to go above it, a 50L keg would be too tall. I only just fit the Coopers fermenter in a bar fridge as a guide for height that...
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    Inkbird giveaway and New product releasing humidity controller IHC-200 WIFI

    I demand a re-draw, That isnt my name! 😔😔 Congrats @Grmblz on the wiN!
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    Inkbird giveaway and New product releasing humidity controller IHC-200 WIFI

    Would love this - changing temp without getting off the couch. Thats the dream.
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    Hey, just wondering if someone can explain to me the best way to setup the overflow pipe for the guten. Is there a grain size limit where you would have the small portion at the bottom and then the large pipe at the top? I last brewed with the large pipe at the bottom and the top screen didnt...
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    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    Any update as to when the hop spiders will be sent out for the Gutens that didn't come with one? Thanks KK
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    Brewman Dealz

    oh man I jumped too early and missed out on the Free Lupuln deal on my recent order! Got too eager to get my hop on! Hops look great though! - Next time I'll be placing a bigger order I think! Cheers Steve
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    Anyone have a tried and tested equipment profile for the 40L Guten for BrewFather - I created my own but think its a bit off.
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    Hey looking at getting a Guten and just wondering if anyone thinks the whirlpool arm is worth it? Thinking of going down the no chill path so would I see any advantage with a whirlpool arm, or should I just stick with the standard design.
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    First go at BIAB and some questions

    BIAB = Brew In A Bag FWK = Fresh Wort Kit
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    Strong Smelling Wort

    You're welcome
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    Where to buy hops?

    How does the postage work for Brewman? - Don't want to place an order and then find out postage is 50 bucks after I've placed the order :P - Anyway to know how much its going to cost?
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    Holy crap, I stopped looking at the Guten for a bit while on holidays and have just noticed its now $499! - Now I'm furious I didn't pick it up at the introductory price. I thought it would maybe go up to 400 or something....but another $120 is getting pretty up there in price!
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    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    Awesome overview and pics - Looking at it my concerns too are the switches not being protected and looking a bit cheap. Those hook brackets do look like they could snap at any moment as well. I also don't understand the cable box underneath it....It just looks like you're going to bend the...
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    Hello Brewers.....

    1 x Mexican Cerverza 500g of LDM add yeast - Done! looking at around a 3.8% beer or 4.6% if you up the LDM to 1kg
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    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    Yeah I am pretty much the same - I have been staring at both the Robobrew and the Guten just because I want an easy no Fuss compact vessel to get into All Grain without having to use gas burners or hoisting grain bags via pulley systems etc......but the longer I wait to pull the trigger on one...
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    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    Just wondering does the Guten have water volume measurements inside it? - I know the Robobrew does (even though not 100% accurate) but just wondering if the Guten also has this.