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  1. scmgre

    Chili wine

    I have been going through Judith Glover's inspirational book from 1979, drink your own garden, I have made blackberry wine; Victoria plumb wine, Raspberry wine, Greengage wine, Elder-flower champagne, elder flower wine. Basically anything i can find growing somewhere in abundance and pick...
  2. scmgre

    sidra natural, Asturian spanish cider

    I have just been for two weeks in Asturias with the family and the cider was amazing. does anyone know how to make it. I have lots of apples and access to a cider press. cheers G
  3. scmgre

    Sparkling Plum Wine

    I brew a lot of beer but my brother bought me a book called drink your own garden. My neighbour has a plum tree and she let me harvest it :) so I have a batch of plum wine which has been in glass demijohns for 6 months it's now clear as crystal and a lovely pink colour. Can I just bottle it in...
  4. scmgre

    Blackberry Stout

    I am going to brew a blackberry stout because i have picked 8kg of blackberries and i am up for it. I BIAB and no chill. 23litre batch the blackberries are frozen i have 2 questions. 1: is 4kg far to much and should i halve it i have lotts and lots of blackberries. 2: can i put the frozen...
  5. scmgre

    how can i move my hop plant

    I moved into a new house and I put in a couple of hop plants in the garden border a Saaz and a cascade. I planted them in what i thought was bare ground but an azalea has come up and completely overgrown the Saaz, how do I move it? is there a specific time to do it, I guess winter and are there...
  6. scmgre

    Can I ship home brew cornie kegs full of beer to the UK?

    Hi this will sound like a really dumb Question but i am moving to the UK next month for a few years and I have 7 kegs full of beer which I would like to take with me :) has anyone ever shipped full kegs to the UK is it possible? has anyone done it and has some advice? Or should I just stop...
  7. scmgre

    Pitched Starter no activity can i use a pack of WB 06 in a Stout?

    I had a brew day on Anzac day and made a coffee espresso stout I chilled to around 70 degrees then no chilled I thought my starter was healthy as it was ranched from the primary and washed from my last but 1 brew (a steam beer) so yeast was collected 3 weeks ago and stored in the fridge after...
  8. scmgre

    Is there a way of removing an overzelous CaCl addition?

    I added to much calcium chloride to a wheat beer mash and the resulting kegged beer tastes awful. I can taste the chloride so much that it reminds me of a swimming pool. is there anything i can add to the keg to precipitate it out or should i just chuck it and learn from the experience. I have...
  9. scmgre

    My Poor Efficiency Is Biab The Answer

    Hi I started AG about 2 years ago. I have been using an eski with a copper manifold to do simple infusion mashing and decoction mashing. I was getting about 53% efficiency for infusion mashes and about 5 % better for decoction mashes. This was really frustrating so I started mucking about with...
  10. scmgre

    Wit Beer Biab Mash Schedule For Belgian Wit Need Help

    I have made about 20 AG's using my converted eski for a simple infusion mash and 2 decoction mashes. My brewhouse efficiency always seemed to be a pitiful 53% after some research I have decided to switch to BIAB. I went out to spotlight and spent a painful 2 hours buying the material suggested...
  11. scmgre

    Advice On Yeast Selection

    I have come up with a recipe for a Belgian strong ale but I have 2 yeasts I think I could use T-58 and S-33 I am not sure which to use any advise? my recipe for a 22 litre batch 60% efficiency: 6.5 kg Pale Malt, Traditional Ale (Joe White) (5.9 EBC) 0.5 Kg Munich, Light (Joe White) (17.7 EBC)...
  12. scmgre

    Help I Need A Style To Match My Grain Bill

    Hi. I have some grain left over from various brews, I have come up with a recipie but would like to fit it to a style so i can choose the right yeast and hops. my current recipie is 0.5 kg of Joe White munich 1 kg of JW caramalt 2 kg of JW pale malt 2 kg of JW Pilsner 2 kg of JW wheat malt my...