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  1. Paleman

    Coopers PA in cans.

    Anyone tried it? I'm a bit skeptical as i'm thinking it's just that Dr Timms rubbish rebadged. If anyones had a crack please review.
  2. Paleman

    Partial Mash Tun.

    Gday all. I'm after a new mini mash tun, my old one is the one Grumpys put out some years ago and is getting a bit old in the tooth. Getting a bit smelly, worn out and hard to clean. Tap is worn out and dribbles, cant get parts to fit. Something that will hold up to 3 kilos of grain would be...
  3. Paleman

    Using Honey For A Spring Ale.

    Any thoughts and ideas into using honey in a kit beer ? I've just put down a coopers lager with 500 grams of liquid wheat and 500 grams of a new zealand organic honey. Yeast is safale US 05. Aim to make a nice spring / early summer honey beer. First attempt ever for me with honey in the wort...
  4. Paleman

    Partial Mash After A Long Time Out.

    Gday all. First post in a long time and i have just got back into my brewing after a long absence. I put down a simple Coopers kit ( Real Ale ) with some hops to see if the whole thing excited me again. Guess what, it did ! So i want to revisit my partial mashing days and do a basic mini mash...
  5. Paleman

    Grumpys Hoegaarden Partial.

    I advise any new partial masher to try this one off the bat. Absolute tastyiest brew ever. Mine was done and dusted, in under two weeks, with a litle help from HWMBO, it was gone in a wink of an eye. Fabulous brew........why would you go All Grain. :D
  6. Paleman

    A Nice Even Beer.

    Heres one for a really nice K@K. Blue Mountain Lager Can. 600 Grams of Light Wheat Malt. 400 Grams of Dex. Either a Safale, or Saflager yeast, depending on your brewing capabilities. Give it 2 -3 months in the bottle. Its the best kit beer ive ever tasted.
  7. Paleman

    Nice Rich Stout.

    Heres a fantastic Stout, thats rich and creamy. Coopers BrewMaster, Irish Stout. Coopers BE2. Half a kilo of Dark dried malt. Half a kilo of Dex. 15 grams of Fuggles hops to finish. ( leave this out if you feel, i love hops ) Drinking this recipe now after two weeks in the bottle. Bloody...
  8. Paleman

    Bugga The Pot Of Gold.

    Now we really know where the end of the rainbow is !! :beerbang:
  9. Paleman

    Your Favourite Tasted, Your Favourite Made ?

    Heres something ive thought about for a while, and have been curious in asking as many brewers possible. What is the best commercial beer ( your favourite )...you have tasted. And what is the best ever tasting beer you have ever made, to your palate. You know the one.......you wish the glass...
  10. Paleman

    Possible Infection !

    Heres one for the users of the 100 can cooler bag to watch out for. I racked my kit Wheat earlier on, having pulled the primary fermenter out of the cooler bag. And sat it directly above my secondary vessel. What i didnt think of, was a puddle of moisture had gathered in the bottom of the...
  11. Paleman

    Wheat Beer Krausen.

    Put down a kit Wheat Beer about seven days ago. My first ever Wheat. Morgans Golden Sheaf Wheat Can. 1 Kilo of Dried Wheat Extract. 300 Grams of Honey. 20 Grams of Freshly Crushed Coriander Seed. 40 Grams of Orange and Ginger Marmalade. 10 Grams of German Hallertau at 10 mins. 10 Grams of...
  12. Paleman


    I must confess my sins. But gratefully so. :P I bottled a kit beer three days ago........as a partial brewer, its a backward step for me. But one that is needed to get some brews down. Time is my enemy at the moment. Anyway, back to my point. I bottled a Coopers Lager, with a Brew Enhancer...
  13. Paleman

    Just For The Hell Of It.

    This is going against all homebrew philosophy. So sit down, have a homebrew and help me out. I want to try and replicate a commercial lager, doing a partial mash. Just to see if its possible to make a bland, thin, clear homebrew......with a proffesional touch. E.G. Fosters, West End Draught...
  14. Paleman

    Reminising The Archives.

    Does anyone sit down and read way back through the eons of AHB, just for the hell of it ? I'm sitting here, enjoying a fantastic beer, on a warm sunny lazy afternoon, sideways peer at the cricket.........and am reading through the Allgrain and Partial segment, right from the start !! :P...
  15. Paleman

    Grain, Liquid Yeast's And Bottling.

    Made an observation lately, and i'm not sure wether its to do with liquid yeasts, or using grain. Ive just lately started making Partial Mash Beers, with Wyeast's. My last two partial mash beers have had a slight residue, that can be seen on the side of the bottle, when held up to the light. (...
  16. Paleman

    Beer Monikers/labels.

    Gday all. Inspired by rat, from the Grumpys forum, the loss of his beloved dog. " Desert Brown Dog " and the beer label that ratster had made up in his name. It's inspired me to make my own, after Boof, my Bluey Heeler. Boof helps me do everything in day to day life. Like eat my food, take...
  17. Paleman

    100 Can Cooler Bag.

    Gday All. Summer's upon us almost, and i have some serious brewing to do yet. I've heard mention so many times of the cooler bag that you can purchase, that a fermenter will fit into. I've used the bin and ice method to good effect, but i want something more portable and practicle. Anyone...
  18. Paleman

    Whats Happened To The Forums ?

    Is it a setting gone wrong on my side, or all replys to posts links now, that you have to open individually. Last time i visited, every post was shown in full, one under the other. I know have to open each one. Is there a setting i can change to go back ? I hope so, quite annoying me at the...
  19. Paleman

    All Grain V Partial Mash.

    Quite enjoying my partial mash brewing at the moment. Ive given birth to about 6 mini mashes, since my days of K&K. My K&K's were serious stuff, steeped grains, rehydrated Safale yeast's, and so on. I just couldnt get that taste i wanted. I have stepped up to mashing grains, hopping, adding...
  20. Paleman

    Stupid Question For A New Masher.

    Ok, im going to ask a silly question. But i dont mind looking silly, because i want to learn. Shortly, i will be doing my first partial mash. Just using basic gear, such as a mini lauter tun, and an esky. Eventually i want to go all grain, when i learn to mash properly. So that will mean...