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  1. Moog

    Brewing MisHap

    If you add black currant cordial it’s called “diesel”
  2. Moog

    Forced Carbonation

    Do you keep the gas bottle connected to the keg at 35 psi for the whole 24 hrs or just fill it to 35 then disconnect the bottle, and leave it to absorb what it can? I ask because I like to keep my bottle off as often as possible in case of leaks
  3. Moog

    Make Vegemite From Homebrew Dregs

    Thanks for sharing your technique, I’ve read things before where they used a centrifuge to separate the solids etc, it all sounded like WAY too much hassle. Yours sounds much more doable. As home brewers we find it irresistible to make any beer related commodity ...... cos we can!
  4. Moog

    Temperature controlled fermenting

    I also had to defrost our main fridge cos the vents had iced up. Brew fridge came to the rescue. You don’t even need to buy a brew fridge. Just pick one up off the side of the road 9 times out of 10 they’re only there cos they bought a new stainless one. Even if it’s down on performance you...
  5. Moog

    Brew Hardware - pumps and fittings

    I may be interested in one of your pumps and the control circuits to match, how much?? ( & post to south Queensland)
  6. Moog

    Grain Mill with motor 2 roller VGC optional power pak

    how much to post to elanora Queensland
  7. Moog

    Grain Mill with motor 2 roller VGC optional power pak

    I’m interested would need to ship to Queensland please give me first dibs
  8. Moog

    Fresh hop flavour

    Can you share this recipie with me, I'd really love to brew a pirate life IIPA clone
  9. Moog

    in your post on "fresh hop flavour" you said you brewed a beer that was like Pirate life IIPA...

    in your post on "fresh hop flavour" you said you brewed a beer that was like Pirate life IIPA, could you share this with me, I love this beer.
  10. Moog

    Storing full corny kegs when there's no room to cool

    60 g is what I add when I keg condition it takes 1 1/2 to 2 weeks to carbonate
  11. Moog


    Maybe next time use a very long blow off tube. Long enough to take 200ml at least you won’t suck in O2
  12. Moog

    hervey bay area

    Did you mean walks on Fraser ...... what about walks on the mainland
  13. Moog

    hervey bay area

    Walks are what we do a lot 10km typically. Any suggestions
  14. Moog

    hervey bay area

    hi Folks, I'm applying for a job in Maryborough near Hervey bay. Is there any brewers in the area, and what's it like to live there? Is there much to do at the weekends? I currently live on the Gold Coast, so unsure if it would be too isolated.
  15. Moog


    Accuracy is to do with the instrument. But is not ultimately important what you’re looking for is an indication that fermentation is slowing or stopped. After 36 hrs it’s unlikely unless you’re using a sounding valve
  16. Moog

    Dry Hop, Hop Creep, and D-Rest

    did you mean this thesis paper?
  17. Moog

    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    yea, I got some more off e-bay, larger diameter, to make it easier to fit on the float, but that dis-colours just as quick. maybe you need to use medical grade silicone. I even got some bottle brushes, but they don't shift the stain either.
  18. Moog

    gas forms in beer line

    the line is cool, the tube, and pluto gun live in the fridge, its all at the same temp.
  19. Moog

    gas forms in beer line

    I notice that when I pour off some beer from my keg, using a pluto gun, soon after I stop pouring, you see gas forming in the looped tube. I'm pretty sure its only co2 coming out of solution, but why does it, surely it's all at the same pressure, so why does it come out? It seems to make the...
  20. Moog


    I saw these in aldi today I wondered if the are suitable for brewing, is anyone using them?