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  1. Sidney Harbour-Bridge

    Brewing today and sampling beers

    Mashing a Hefeweizen just now and sampling a few beers a mate dropped off yesterday. First beer, Balter hazy IPA. Excellent flavor, just like it says on the tin, the thought that occurred to me is it tasted less like beer and more like a fizzy cordial, though with a dryer finish. Loved the...
  2. Sidney Harbour-Bridge

    Golden hills brewery

    Just trying a stout from these guys, it's very chocolaty and perfect for the weather today
  3. Sidney Harbour-Bridge

    Floating grain bed

    I just added HERMS to my 3 V system and I have noticed the grain bed is floating towards the end of the mash and while sparging. Nothing else has changed. I am getting very high extract efficiencies, over 100% in brewers friend, I thought I must have put to much grain in but it has been...
  4. Sidney Harbour-Bridge

    Robobrew blue screen of death

    I have a robobrew I bought from keg king in December 2016 last weekend when chilling my brew the screen just went blank, I thought no problem just switch off and on again. However it will not display normally, nor does beep when the power is switched on like it used to do, any ideas how I can...
  5. Sidney Harbour-Bridge

    Getting a newbie started

    A bloke at work needs to get set up, he lives near Werribee in Vic, The Brew Barn is near him in Swappers but I have no idea what they are like, where is the best place he could he buy the equipment he needs to start off? Thanks in advance
  6. Sidney Harbour-Bridge

    Should have done this a while back

    G'Day I Joined a while back and dived in posting last week but never bothered to introduce myself, sorry! I am 52, live north of Melbourne now and brew a little beer from time to time. I first brewed beer and wine at high school in England and after a few years off resumed making beer just...