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  1. Vanoontour

    FWK Recommendations

    Evening All, I've been away from the brewing scene for some time now but want to put a couple of beers down quickly for a 40th birthday coming up so FWKs are the go at the moment. Problem is I don't know what to choose... Not everyone are going to be beer lovers but having said that I don't...
  2. Vanoontour

    7.6L HERMs pot - How much copper tube can you fit?

    Hey All, Just got a 7.6L pot from Big W and want to know how much 1/2" copper tube you guys have managed to fit in there for your HERMs set ups? Is 7-8m being a bit too optimistic? Cheers
  3. Vanoontour

    Another Brew Controller

    Hey All, Well the time has come to pimp to brewery so here's my plans and will post about the build here. My brewery is currently here (http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/70532-3-tier-gravity-build/) but the gravity and lack of pump is not much fun any more. Still makes alright beer but am...
  4. Vanoontour

    Reverse Flow Braumeister Clone

    Hey All, I've been thinking about making the move to an electric brewery and not sure whether to go 3V HERMs or a Braumeister Clone type. I currently brew 3V gravity. Anyway, all brewing, with the exception of the Braumeister flow the wort from the top of the grain bed to the bottom and out...
  5. Vanoontour

    Amateur Mistake

    After a bit of advice... I'm brand new to kegging and on Friday I was expecting my reg to turn up so I put my stout in the keg and waited...and waited...and waited and still no reg. So a now have one of the small CO2 chargers for party kegs. Can i put some CO2 into the keg via the beer out post...
  6. Vanoontour

    The Park Hotel - Werribee

    Hey All, went to the Park Hotel in Werribee for the Moo Brew 5 course dinner as part of good beer week. It was 'kin awesome. Couldn't believe I was out west. Fantastic service, fantastic food and a beer list to rival the big guys. Can't recommend enough. (No affiliation, just a happy punter...
  7. Vanoontour

    Perlick 525ss

    I'm looking to bring some in from the states if anyone is keen to share postage? Looking to buy from the beertapstore.com. For 6 taps landed its looking about $440 usd (420 aus) Let me know via PM if keen. Prefer Melb but happy to on send once arrived.
  8. Vanoontour

    Werribee/Hoppers area

    Any one from around this area that has a corny I could borrow for a few minutes to wrap some copper around for a chiller? Cheers
  9. Vanoontour

    B.I.P.A. Recipe critique

    Morning All, Thinking of brewing a Black IPA this weekend and I would like a bit of advice on the malt bill if you would be so kind? 78% Pale Ale 8% Munich I 5% Wheat 5% Carafa III Special 4% Choc Malt Approx 1.060-65 and approx EBC 70. It will be bittered to around 60-65 IBU using one early...
  10. Vanoontour

    3 tier gravity build

    Thought this was a better place for build pics than the gear and equipment forum. Currently building a vertical 3 vessel gravity brewing rig. I got the idea from these rigs. The main frame is 50mm square tube and the shelves will be 25mm square tube. The base has the legs splayed for added...
  11. Vanoontour

    3 tier gravity build

    Hey guys, I'm in the design stage of making a 3 tier gravity brewing "tree". I'm after some pros and cons to my first question; one or two verticals? Pics attached of different stands I'm looking to build. Also, if you can see any improvements/pitfalls please let me know. I am space limited so...
  12. Vanoontour

    Recipe Critique

    Thinking of trying this out. What do we think? Half will be bottled and half will have oak at 1gm/l. New Recipe (American IPA) Original Gravity (OG): 1.063 (P): 15.4 Final Gravity (FG): 1.016 (P): 4.1 Alcohol (ABV): 6.19 % Colour (SRM): 8.0 (EBC): 15.7 Bitterness (IBU): 55.1 (Average) 91.6%...
  13. Vanoontour

    Robust Porter With Us Hops

    Planning on the RobPo robust porter this weekend and after looking at the guidelines US hops can be used and remain true to style. Most of the US hops I've used are quite citrusy and floral so not suited so well? Any one tried a porter with US hops? What US hops are more earthy and spicy that...
  14. Vanoontour

    Chiller Idea

    So been thinking a bit about chilling and through research found the following: they waste water (unless saved for future use) and they only cool to what ever temp is coming out of you tap, if your lucky. So, what if you had a copper coil and mounted this into a bucket with a compression...
  15. Vanoontour

    Welding Inside Kettle

    So how many guys here have the fittings welded on both the inside and outside of there kettle? I'm confident welding but to get into the inside of the keg down low is going to be a PITA. So, is there a problem with not welding the inside? Cheers
  16. Vanoontour

    Ringwood Yeast Confirmation

    Pitched a smak pack of ringwood on Sun morning into a Dr Smurtos landlord, the pack did swell. Still have no apparent fermentation activity. From what I have read on here that it can be a slow starter, but just after some confirmation of what I have done. Pitched at 22 deg and left it on the...
  17. Vanoontour

    Whirlpool Process

    Hey All, I'm after a quick run down of the process at the end of the boil. I have finally mounted a tap and pick up tube to my pot and got a few questions. My plan is too do the following, Flame out Wait for convections to die down a bit Whirlpool Drain via tap while wort is still moving as...
  18. Vanoontour

    Wtb: Keggle Burner

    Hi All, I'm after a suitable burner and reg for a 50l keggle. Thought I would ask here before going to the sponsors. Cheers.
  19. Vanoontour

    Brewery Evolution

    Morning All, So I've been doing some thinking as of late (dangerous I know) and have come up with a plan for me to get into larger batch, 3v brewing. I started with the AG for $30 bucks thread, as many here probably have too. So I've got me a 19l pot and a bag. I am in the process of mounting...
  20. Vanoontour

    Hop Additions From Chill To No Chill

    Hi all, I'm gonna brew this recipe tomorrow, Beer (scroll to the bottom), but will be no-chilling. So, in order to achieve the same IBU (i'm going slightly more) is it alright to reduce the intial hop addition to allow for the recommended late addition in the hope that you will still get the...