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  1. Swinging Beef

    Bottles For Sale... Wollongong Free!

    About forty plastic bottles, mostly with caps About 180 long neck bottles, most/many coopers. Having to move house, and I havent bottled for years. These either go to a good home or go in the trash. FREE! All in crates. Pick up only, call or txt me on the mobile becuase I havent been...
  2. Swinging Beef

    Cloudy Beer

    Ive made over 100 AG brews in the past three years, and have had some pretty good results. But after a 3-5 month break, of the last five brews Ive made, four of them have come out cloudy. Why might this be? I dont recall changing any processes, they all taste fine, they all just look like...
  3. Swinging Beef

    Two Year Old Beer Finally Comes Good.

    About 2 years ago, I started toying with the wild Brett from the bottom of Orval bottles and brewed a mighty sour tripple. Sadly, the brett got into everything and EVERY beer started off good then ended up sour after about 6 weeks in the bottle. So.. I got all new gear, problem solved. But while...
  4. Swinging Beef

    Can You Convert Pin Lock Kegs To Ball Lock?

    on the conry kegs Is it just a case of replacing the in and out? Are the parts available?
  5. Swinging Beef

    New Craft Brewery In Newtown, Nsw

    Have I missed a thread about this?
  6. Swinging Beef

    About To Drop Some Cash On A Kegerator

    But before I do, and so I dont have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous "what you shoulda done"s... Please, everyone critique why I should or should not buy one of these from this bloke and have it delivered to my house. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dual-Double-Tap...=item4aaed9b5d5...
  7. Swinging Beef

    Electiric Powered Mixing Mash Tun

    My old reliable 40litre rubber maid mash tun is showing signs of ware and will need to be replaced soon. I would like to make double batches and am considering my options. With the efficiency gains that we now understand come from a constantly stirred mash, I was looking at making a mash tun...
  8. Swinging Beef

    Lo Carb Drinkers Exploited

    What? Lo carb beer wont make me lose weight? When did this happen? :rolleyes: http://au.news.yahoo.com/latest/a/-/latest...carb-beer-myth/
  9. Swinging Beef

    Wheat Flour

    Ive made a witbier I'm kinda keen on and was gonna re brew, but I thought I might substitute some of the grain bill for plain flour to lighten the finished colour. Stuck mashes aside, will this work? 2kg Pils malt 1kg plainflour 2kg wheat malt Should I consider treating it to a cereal mash first?
  10. Swinging Beef

    I Am Ambivalent About Chilling Methods

    Making good beer is more than just the methods and the hardware you use to get to your ends. Learn to use either or both and make good beer.
  11. Swinging Beef

    Bitter And Twisted Festival In Maitland

    How will I know if I spot one of you guys tomorrow? Who is coming/going?
  12. Swinging Beef

    0minutes Yeast Lag

    On the weekend, I cropped the 3" krausen of yeast off the witbier that has been happily chugging along from 1050 down to 1015 and hoiked it in to the 1076OG Belgian IPA in the fermenter sitting right next to it. Yeast took off immediately. Airlock activity within minutes and within an hour there...
  13. Swinging Beef

    Imperial Triple 16%

    In my quest for tasty strong belgian beers, Ive managed to make lovely pale Belgian quaffers up to 10%, so far. After that, the waters get murky and the beers seem to be a little too sweet and hard to drink. Im keen to see what you guys think of the idea of an Imperial Triple of around the 16...
  14. Swinging Beef

    Germans Review Aussie Beer

    This is one of the funniest things Ive ever seen online. Go to this German beer site and grab a comment from one of the German beer reviewers and bung it into Babelfish to get it translated. Then, when reading it in your head or out loud, put on a Kenny Everett or Sgt Shultz style German...
  15. Swinging Beef

    Kensington, Nsw

    Best pub for a friday afternoon quiet one?
  16. Swinging Beef

    Id Like To Brew A Belgian Ipa

    Because I think I would like it, and I have lots of Belgian yeast slurry, and lots of hops Id like to get through. Any suggestions tips and fierce opposition from anyone would be most welcome. ;)
  17. Swinging Beef

    Why Is Kellerbier Not In The Bjcp Style Guidelines?

    I have a mate in Germany right now in preparation for the Oktoberfest. He is drinking this Kellerbier. I had never heard of it! How come this is not a seperate style for the BJCP? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kellerbier
  18. Swinging Beef

    What To Brew Real Quick?

    I wanted to have a hand pumped or kegged beer ready by the 14th of August, and I will be brewing on Thursday. What beers will be best served within three weeks and through a hand pump? No time for ageing.
  19. Swinging Beef

    I Put 1kg Of Redskins In My Beer

    I put 1kg (thats 100 unwrapped swimming pool lollies) in my wort on the weekend. 4kg pale .25kg Crystal 12o 1kg Redskins, shucked and melted in 500ml of water. Now I have a pink beer fermenting that smells stongly of ... redskins! :icon_cheers:
  20. Swinging Beef

    Wildest Of The Mild

    Inspired by the Imperial Mild that Brew Dog are running at the moment, please give me your suggestions for the simultaneously tastiest and lowest ABV beer you have ever brewed.