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  1. beer slayer

    NSW State Comp 2015

    Does anybody know the dates for the NSW state comp this year? Cant seem to find the dates anywhere. Cheers
  2. beer slayer

    Brick Pizza Oven

    Hi All I'm thinking of building a small pizza oven in the back yard. I would like to be a brick construction. A dome shape about 1 to 1.5 meters wide. Any built one or knows someone that's built one ? Does anyone have information on how to build one? Any information would be appreciated cheers BS
  3. beer slayer

    Goodbye And Good Luck Berp

    Just want to wish Berp and his family all the best in there move up to Townsville. Thanks for all youve done for us Andrew espicially the introduction of that wonderful BJCP exam :P I good luck in your new job. Don't forget to visit and bring some samples!!! :beer: :beerbang: BS
  4. beer slayer

    Lucky Beer

    Hi all A mate of mine introduced me to a new beer called " Lucky Beer " (luckydrinkco.com) just wondering If anyone has tried it (or heard about it) and what your thoughts are on it? :beer: BS
  5. beer slayer

    Setting Signature

    Hi all having trouble setting my Signature picture. Any simple instructions on how to do this Cheers BS
  6. beer slayer

    Yeast Nutrient

    Just wondering how many of you have used it? Does it have any benefits to your fermentation ? How much do you use per 20lt batch? :beer:
  7. beer slayer

    Keg Or Bottles

    Do you think that beer tastes better keg condition, bottle condition or no difference between them? BS
  8. beer slayer

    James Squire Australian Strong Ale?

    Hi all Was just up at Dan Murphys and saw the James Squire Australian Strong Ale. Anyone tried it? Will be taste testing tonite 6.8% should be a great drop :beer: BS
  9. beer slayer

    Hunter Valley Brewery

    Hi All Heading up to the hunter valler this weekend and have heard that there is a brewery up there. ( cant be drinking wine all weekend :beerbang: ). Anybody been there? Is it worth a look? And where is in the Hunter Valley? :beer:
  10. beer slayer

    Mill Hopper?

    Hi Just after a bit of advice and pics from anyone who has a Crankandstein mill and built a hopper for it :beer:
  11. beer slayer

    Mill Adjustment

    Hi I got a 2A crankandstein mill not long ago and am in the process of building a hopper for it. It came with an adjusting bar. Does the bar need to be on the mill all the time or is it removed once set (its not real clear on the instructions or maybe its me :huh: ). Is using a electric drill...
  12. beer slayer

    Yeast Starters

    Hi When making yeast starters with dry malt and boiling it up, is best to remove the hot break before pitching the yeast.? Does this affect the yeast? I will be putting the starter on a stir plate. :beer:
  13. beer slayer

    Bottling From Keg?

    Just a question about bottling beer from a keg. The keg is NOT carbonated but has been cc in the fridge for 4 weeks or so. I want to bottle some beer from the keg and carbonate the bottles with carbination drops. Will this work? Will there be any yeast in the beer to carbonate with the...
  14. beer slayer

    Double Batch In A 50l Keg?

    In the quest of doing a double batch,can someone tell me if i add approx 12kg of grain into my 50L mash tun, with a water ratio or 2.5L/Kg, will it all fit in my mash tun (keg) ?. I am sure promash could tell me, but i dont know where to start. cheers :beerbang:
  15. beer slayer

    Grain Mills

    Hi All Im new to the site and have enjoyed all the good info that you guys have. I need some advice on a good grain mill to get. Also wanted the best place to purchase one. Either in Aus or OS. Ive got a mate travelling to the US so he might be able to get one there! :P Any help appreciated...