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  1. OneEye

    Will this work?

    I'm brewing up a few beer for an upcoming party in July. I'm fixing to brew a DIPA as I haven't for a while and I'm craving an over-the-top hop monster, however, I don't want to get my party guests maggoted after 2 pints. What I am thinking is this: I have a system capable of double batches and...
  2. OneEye

    Crown Urn

    Hi All! Have upgraded the brewery and no longer have a use for this guy here. Bought it brand new about 3 years ago and hasn't failed me since. If you have any questions please ask. Oh and it has had the boil protection bypassed but I can easily change that if desired. Location is in the...
  3. OneEye

    Old 3V setup for sale

    Brewers, I've upgraded my system and no longer require the items that I am offering up to you today. This rig has seen quite a few batches through it and has also put up with some endless tinkering,including using the urn as a Brau-clone at one stage. Items are located in Melbourne, near the...
  4. OneEye

    Brew shed flooring

    So I've been given the go-ahead to build a garden shed in the back, with swmbo knowing full well it will be more brew shed than anything else. I'm building it myself with my old man so have the luxury of customising it a bit. First thing to consider is the flooring. I can't do a concrete slab so...
  5. OneEye

    New BJCP Guidelines

    Looks like the BJCP committee have finally untaken a revision of the slightly outdated BJCP guidelines. A few deletions of styles (No more Belgian Specialty) and renaming of others (Imperial IPA is now Double IPA) Chip at Chop and Brew has a video from the recent NHC in Grand Rapids in which...
  6. OneEye

    Ferm chamber insulation

    My old fermenting fridge kicked the bucket the other day and so I've been looking for an alternative. I've seen some good looking 'mini fridge fermentation chambers'. Basically building an insulated frame around a mini fridge (which I already have). The builds I've seen on the American forums...
  7. OneEye

    WTB - Fermenting fridge

    Soooo my fridge just died (booooo!), and as such I am now in the market for a new (old to you new to me) one. If you have one lying around and could part with it for a reasonably low $ amount then let me know! Also if anyone in the area (Yarraville) wants a dead fridge for any reason then pm...
  8. OneEye

    This is why you clean your taps!

    Took my taps apart this morning for a routine clean, probably about 3 beers through this since the last clean...
  9. OneEye

    curious yeast starter

    Just a question to see if any of you lads have had a similar experience with a yeast starter. I'm planning a big brew (~1.095) and according to Mr. Malty that will require a 3.5L starter using a stir plate. I only have a 2L flask so I went for the 2 step approach. First time doing so. I made...
  10. OneEye

    FS - 2 used 19L kegs for S-Type coupler

    Hey all! I'm selling these two used 19L S-Type coupler kegs. Pickup is in Maribyrnong (in the west of Melbourne for those playing at home) Make me an offer I can't refuse :P ideally I'd like to replace with a ball lock corny so if anyone out there wants to swap one and get two back then I'm...
  11. OneEye

    FS - 540g Diemen gas bottle + 3 Sodastreams

    Hey guys, I just picked up a bigger gas bottle finally so no need for these little ones anymore. The 540g Diemen bottle is good for pushing out 3-4 kegs. $100 brand new, yours for $50! The Sodastreams are handy too.... I have the adapter to give anyone that wants it. Say $15 per bottle and...
  12. OneEye

    Help designing Brew Stand

    Hey Guys. I'm currently brewing BIAB beers using a 40L crown urn. I've just got my hands on a 26L rubbermaid cooler and my ultimate goal now is to use the urn to heat up my strike water, mash in the cooler, sparge from the urn and then boil in the urn. Confused yet? What I am thinking is having...
  13. OneEye

    Vicbrew 2012

    Hi Guys! I'm very excited to be entering my beers into competition for the first time! I had a look for an existing thread about Vicbrew 2012 but only came across the 2011 and 2010 threads. Hope I'm not doubling up! I've got a Vanilla Porter ready as well as a AIPA that is about to be bottled...
  14. OneEye

    Butter In My Bottles But Not In Keg

    Hey Guys! I brew full sized batches that are eventually split in half, after fermentation has finished. I have a small place and half of my batches go into my 2x9L kegs, for two different brews, in my bar fridge and the other half of my batches get bottled. I've been noticing that my bottles...
  15. OneEye

    Wow, Some People!

    Hate to give this guy more views on his videos but this shit is too funny... make sure you read all the viewer comments! Guaranteed to have you holding your head in your hands. "Spray it with Star-San!"
  16. OneEye

    Free Fridge!

    New Promo for VB.... 12 slabs of the shit is required to get one. who is brave enough? (or stupid enough) http://www.theage.com.au/business/a-free-b...1201-1o939.html
  17. OneEye

    Suggestions For Beer Delivery

    Hey Guys, Looking to for some xmas ideas and was thinking maybe a Beer delivery subscription type thing. I'm aware of Beer Masons but does anybody know of any others out there that they would recommend?
  18. OneEye

    Re-fill Diemen Gas Bottles In Melb

    Hey guys! I picked up one of those small 540g Diemen gas bottles and need to have it refilled soon. Does anybody in Melb know of any places where I can get this done? Edit - Spelling