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  1. BeerIsGood

    G'day - I'm Back

    I stopped brewing about 4-5 years ago - for various reasons. And now - for various reasons - I'm starting again, and that means coming back to aussiehomebrewer.com. Hopefully it hasn't changed too much (or at least not in a bad way). I look forward to catching up with the oldies that are...
  2. BeerIsGood

    What Do You Do For A Crust?

    One of the great things about this forum is that we share our proffessional skills with each other, as they apply to brewing. Sorry if my list of options seems all wrong from your perspective, please choose as best you can. I've had to group a fair bit - I hope noone is offended about who they...
  3. BeerIsGood

    The Homebrewer's Beard

    As I've become sucked into the world of homebrewing over the last year or so, I've noticed that Homebrewers seem to be more likely to have a beard then non-homebrewers. What scares me is that I started to grow a beard at about the same time I started homebrewing. Can we test the stereotype...
  4. BeerIsGood

    Avent Steam Sterilizer

    I just scored a Avent Steam Steriliser in the last sale at the local Tender Centre (like an 'in the flesh' e-bay). It looks like this: (bottom pictures show unit being washed in dishwasher) It only cost $5, so I thought it was worth a try. I plan to use it for sanitation of small and...
  5. BeerIsGood

    Lagering Saflager S-23

    John Palmer writes: (source: How to Brew - by John Palmer) I'm sure that I've read many success stories in these forums about lagering with Saflager, but can't seem to find any at the moment that specifically recommend S-23. This is the only strain available at local HBS, and I've bought a...
  6. BeerIsGood

    Saxbys Bottles

    I'm only new to HBing, but since I haven't seen any mention of my favourite HB bottles, I thought I'd pipe up about them. I like to use Saxbys Diet Ginger Beer bottles. They are a solid, dark glass bottle, but take a plastic PET lid. I understand that the long term problems with PET bottles...
  7. BeerIsGood


    Being new to HBing, I have been drinking more HB knowledge then HB beer lately. Most of the knowledge has come from this forum; which seems to be one of the few Australian sources of HB info that isn't BS. But: I'm getting the distinct impression that this group does not have many lady members...