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    Burnt Belly, Beers

    Pork belly burnt ends and beer. Life is complete.
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    A few questions before my first AG brew attempt

    I have a new Guten 50l. Okay, got the gear but no idea. I have done the research on how to use it, and will be doing a trial run before hand to see what problems may occur so at this point I am not asking for directions there (maybe later but don't want to overthink it yet). Now, from advice...
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    WTB - Grain Mill

    OK. I know this is the buy and sell section. I would prefer to buy new, but open to the idea if some one wants to sell one. Looking for a grain mill to start AG brewing. Would like suggestions for quality brands and styles(?) so that I am not disappointed. Buy once, cry once. A rough idea...
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    Hi all, thanks for the adding me to the forum. My name is Bob and I am just starting my journey into home brewing, so I have no idea what I am doing yet. Having no idea what I am doing doesn't particularly sit well with me so I am here to learn. All I know about home brewing is that my father...