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    Simply Hops

  2. BeerIsGood

    dth, are you still in Emerald? I'm trying to make contact with the Emerald home brew club, if it...

    dth, are you still in Emerald? I'm trying to make contact with the Emerald home brew club, if it still exists.
  3. BeerIsGood

    Buying first one vessel BIAB setup

    I'd be concerned about the copper content in the water that comes from the hot water system. Higher temperatures, and high residence times in a storage hot water system increase the amount of copper getting into the water.
  4. BeerIsGood

    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Build/Advice/Question Thread

    Thanks. I've mostly talked myself into it. I'm working on my final system design and costing before diving in to buy anything. Not much design, mainly costing. Household budgets and all. I had already looked at your pictures with much interest, but the different brand name through me off...
  5. BeerIsGood

    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Build/Advice/Question Thread

    Has anybody retrofitted the Brauduino controller on the 35 L Keg King Robobrew system or started planning such a venture? I'm curious to know if it would be an easy-to-implement and effective replacement for the existing control system for the two (1900W + 500W) elements. Of course, I would...
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    Comment by 'BeerIsGood' in media 'New World Ale'

    Much priming sugar?
  7. BeerIsGood

    shelf life of home brew.

    Perhaps the gas does leave the bottles, but I'm certain it also leaves via the lids. I've never used PET bottles, but have extensively used glass bottles with PET lids. Saxby's Ginger Beer Bottles are ideal for this. I've found that after 12-18 months more and more of these have low or no gas...
  8. BeerIsGood

    shelf life of home brew.

    Last night I drank some of a stout I brewed in December 2005. After almost nine years, it's as good as it's ever been. Bottled with crown seals: PET lids degas after a year or so.
  9. BeerIsGood

    G'day - I'm Back

    Thanks, Tony. First I'm going to do a nice quick Black Rock Cider for my wife. I'm going to dig through my brew book: I did one once with a can and a whole lot of apple juice, then sweetened it up at bottling time with wine sweetener. Once that's out the way, I'm going for a lager. Today I...
  10. BeerIsGood

    G'day - I'm Back

    I stopped brewing about 4-5 years ago - for various reasons. And now - for various reasons - I'm starting again, and that means coming back to aussiehomebrewer.com. Hopefully it hasn't changed too much (or at least not in a bad way). I look forward to catching up with the oldies that are...
  11. BeerIsGood

    Fridge Or Freezer?

    I think that freezers are more efficient because they typically have better insulation. So a freezer running at 10C uses less kW on average than a fridge at 10C.
  12. BeerIsGood

    Beer Critique

    Tell them it's good and drink it. Anything is good, relative to feremented camel urine and coconut milk (that brings back memories). Then, offer them one of yours: If yours is better and they notice, and they ask how to improve theirs, give them advice. If yours is better and they don't...
  13. BeerIsGood

    Temmmp Controller From Pc

    This dude has used some kits (as listed above?) to do this type of setup. Also used Linux, and his code is available on the site: Greg's Temperature Controlled Fridge Also check out the bloke's beard. With a good beard and a PC controlled fridge you can make up for any lack of HB cred not...
  14. BeerIsGood


    Bottle! If you chuck it, you're guaranteed to lose the whole batch. If you bottle, your chances are always going to be better. In other words, only bottle if the product is guaranteed to taste fecal. May take a few weeks longer for priming to occur.
  15. BeerIsGood

    Homebrew Acronyms

    FYI: Usually, for your information, from my experience, rather than interest, but I'm just being finicky. I figured out a long time ago that SWMBO was the missus, but I didn't know what the letters stood foor. SWMBO just let me expand my operation to three brewing fridges, which FYI will...
  16. BeerIsGood

    Brigalow Apple Cider / White Floaties

    This always used to happen to me, then I realised that I was filling the sample tube too fast. Just crack open the tap and let the sample tube fill nice and slow, and it's less 'carbonated' in appearance.
  17. BeerIsGood

    New Beer Label Samples For Feedback

    I reckon the first one with the brown pair of wings provides better contrast of colours. (I see the beer consumed, and the beer yet to be consumed)
  18. BeerIsGood

    A Case Of What ?

    I'm with you, muga, but you musn't forget the umlauts! :P ie: Lwenbru
  19. BeerIsGood

    Newbie Questions

    Those things make great landfill. Seriously, they are pretty useless on screw-tops, as you've discovered. I've heard they can cause the tops of screwtops to break apart. Buy a bench capper if you're going to stick with bottling for a while. Good $50 investment.
  20. BeerIsGood

    Wowsers Advancing The Hb Cause

    I wonder if the ADTMC (Aussie's Drink Too Much Council) know anything about homebrewing. Almost everyone I know that starting homebrewing for fun, or to reduce beer costs has always increased their beer consumption as a result (do I smell a poll?). That is: mandrakar's rule: Higher beer...