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  1. Moog

    hervey bay area

    hi Folks, I'm applying for a job in Maryborough near Hervey bay. Is there any brewers in the area, and what's it like to live there? Is there much to do at the weekends? I currently live on the Gold Coast, so unsure if it would be too isolated.
  2. Moog

    gas forms in beer line

    I notice that when I pour off some beer from my keg, using a pluto gun, soon after I stop pouring, you see gas forming in the looped tube. I'm pretty sure its only co2 coming out of solution, but why does it, surely it's all at the same pressure, so why does it come out? It seems to make the...
  3. Moog


    I saw these in aldi today I wondered if the are suitable for brewing, is anyone using them?
  4. Moog

    fermentasaurus tubing

    the silicone tube on the pick up float gets stained very easily, I usually soak it in sodium perc, this seems to help a bit but not perfectly. I wondered what others do to clean it, or if it actually is ok with a bit of staining.
  5. Moog

    should I rouse the hops?

    Fermentation had reduced to next to nothing, so I put the hops into the saurus, last night and they dropped to the bottom straight away, I purged with CO2 and sealed it up. In the morning I checked and it had a thin layer of yeast on top, now (in the evening) it has a thick layer on top. I'm...
  6. Moog

    my kegs have less hop flavour

    Since I started kegging my beer, I've noticed a drop in hop flavor. I'm wondering if somehow my kegs are stripping this flavor, do I need to fully clean and decontaminate them? I've only kegged IPA's and DIPA's and they have all seemed lacking in hop flavor, I usually bottle 4 or 5 beers as the...
  7. Moog

    malt pipe question

    can someone advise me what is the ideal width gaps to use for a malt pipe to give good drainage without letting bits of grain get through into the wort,
  8. Moog

    spent grain bread

    My missus has made some a few times but it always crumbles very easily, and most of the time a lot of it is inedibly sticky and gets binned. Can anyone give us a recipe and method for good spent grain bread, I love eating it but if it was more successful it'd be made all the time..
  9. Moog

    how and when to add Sucrose

    I've only added sucrose to one all grain brew (BIAB), and after the brew was finished I had a layer of toffee on the element. I don't want that again.. I've looked at a nice IIPA recipe with a Sucrose addition. How do you advice adding it and when (last 10 mins seems popular) should I scoop out...
  10. Moog

    add a fan to my keg fridge

    I'm tired of getting foamy beer from my keg fridge, so I'm thinking about adding an 80mm 240V (computer type fan) to send cool air up to my double tap tower to keep it cool. I wont need it running all the time, so I thought I could wire it in to the light circuit. This would obviously only work...
  11. Moog


    I'm thinking of entering some beers into a beer comp. I'll need to fill plastic bottles from a keg, I have one of those disconnect caps, so I can get it in under keg pressure, however, when I take the cap off and replace it with the screw top, the pressure is released and I'm left with just the...
  12. Moog

    keg condition, how much sugar?

    I've been BIABing now for 2 years and kegging for 1 year. My last brew I bottled half a dozen, and kegged the remainder, The bottled ones are much nicer than whats in the keg (hoppier, crisper), the keg having been force carbed, and the bottles bottle conditioned. Its seemed for a while that my...
  13. Moog

    how much boiling water do i need?

    I'm putting a Citra IIPA in the fermenter tomorrow, It ended up being 9 ABV instead of 8 ABV cos my efficiency was better than expected. I've not got O2 yet so I want to put it in the fermenter at 10 degrees, so when I shake like crazy it'll take in more oxygen. Then I'll put a few litres of...
  14. Moog

    best temperature measurement

    I've had some problems with my current cheapo probe type thermocouple, and am considering a replacement. My main requirement is guaranteed accurate readings, as I think you want to know you're within a degree or so of your target mash temp. What do people think are the best type to use, at a...
  15. Moog

    how long to steep vanilla

    I've still got a cube of oatmeal stout ready to ferment........ I put the vanilla in some Brandy, in the fridge, in an air tight container...... But I've been doing other brews, and still haven't done the stout, its been steeping for a couple of months now.. Should I dump it, or will it be ok...
  16. Moog

    to pump or not?

    I've been brewing double batches BIAB for nearly a year now, in a converted solar hot water tank. The beer has all been good, but, being a fix-it and make-it, type of guy, I'm always exploring the next stage of a good set-up. I've been reading threads about recirculated BIAB set-ups and all...
  17. Moog

    fuggles imperial IPA

    I used to love this beer back in the UK in the mid 90's. They no longer brew it, I'd love to do it myself. Can anyone suggest an all grain recipe to get me somewhere close? It was creamy, hoppy, malty, dense white head, looked pretty much like boddingtons, but LOADS more flavor.
  18. Moog

    howz Coloundra?

    Hi guys, I may have an opportunity to re-locate from the Gold Coast up to Coloundra, I wondered..... Are there any members who live that way, or know what the scene is like up there? :chug: